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816B, Keat Hong Link – The Minimalist

MINIMALIST – A person who advocates or practises minimalism.
“The negative space speaks louder than the spaces filled with stuff.”

Clean lines. Low furniture. Simple colour palettes. These are the hallmarks of a minimalist interior design. Minimalism is the art of having more – more comfort, more convenience, more style – by living with less. On the surface, it looks easy, but achieving stylish simplicity is a task easier said than done. Designing an attractive and functional minimal home requires skill, restraint, and impeccable taste.

Colours such as beige or brown are more often than not considered ‘outdated’ and ‘old-fashioned’ but they’re wonderful option for any kind of Japanese-inspired décor. It’s because they’re warm, pure and closely related to nature.

Minimalism is essentially the art of being able to comfortably, conveniently and aesthetically live with less. While on the surface of it all, this task may seem easy enough, in reality, it is a lot easier said than done. Truth is, a beautiful, functional home with a minimal theme is one of the hardest to design, to conceptualize. It takes skill, restraint and a whole lot of discipline. For some of us who tend to bring home pretty much anything and everything, it is the single most difficult thing to do. Minimalist design is not about adding intricacies, it is about taking away layers!

A minimalist is obviously someone who consciously chose a particular way of life whereby this journey they tend to opt for, is a style that oozes chic sophistication, elegance and crisp straight lines, there is still plenty you can do to add character and unique personality to your minimal living space.

Going for a minimal look does not mean it has to be a run-of-the-mill look of only using black and white in an impersonal and almost sterile fashion. In fact, there is a very fine line between ravishing minimal interiors and boring monotony, and the hardest part about minimalism is the art of staying on the right side of that elusive line! This is precisely why we suggest you induce a little flavour into that contemporary minimal ambience.

The trick is to ensure that you keep the designated area generously minimal, only making their presence felt as subtle undertones. The lines still need to be clean and well-defined, and the intricate patterns must be avoided wherever possible. Minimalism in its truest form detests anything but the bare minimum! Live by this rule every time you are tempted to add a new decor piece to your minimalist-themed space.

Things to take note; that a minimal room need not be all about the simple lines, squares and boxes. A sensuous curve here and there can add to the appeal of the room immensely. This is where Mid-Century modern furnishings come in incredibly handy. They offer both visual and geometric contrast while keeping the design clean and coherent. You never move away from the minimal path and yet add plenty of charisma to the living room.

One of the great advantages of opting for a minimal room is the simplicity with which you can elevate the focal point of the room. With the right lighting or even a pop of accented colour or trim, the area or decor piece is instantly turned into the showstopper that turns heads and becomes a conversation-starter. With minimal rooms often sticking to just one or two neutral tones, the background becomes a perfect canvas on which you can highlight any object of your liking. In fact, you can even change these accents seasonally to keep up with the hottest trends.