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Contemporary living at Sol Acres EC

Black, white and neutral tones, these 3 are the primary colors which you usually see in contemporary style interiors.

Contemporary style can be defined in a few ways, such as living or belonging in the present, up to date, modern. As fundamental as it is, contemporary style in interior design context is defined by simplicity, pronounced texture and clean lines, yet deliberately showcase the use of space instead of things. Clean and architectural lines are prominently displayed instead of ornamentation.

As you see in the photos below, there is a consistency in the whole house especially with the use of black austere lines, splashes of white paint and neutral tones used in soft furnishings.

Textures, upholstery, linens and furnishings are specially chosen to bring out the contemporary flavor.

Window frames that came along as a provision for this apartment certainly match the style as full height clear glass panels are used for windows, balcony doors and the grey-metal-looking aluminium frames which works seamlessly with the contemporary style.

Another highlight of the abode is the storage compartment in the living room.

Ingenious way of utilizing the space available from the depth of the feature wall which is meant to function as a tv console wall.

Without colorful palette that will confuse the simple and straight-forward contemporary style, generous amount of geometrical shapes can be introduced into the carpentry work, such as cabinet doors or drawers with bold black lines, door frames and bed frames.

Recessed downlights and spotlights are used in the entire house, in helping to draw attention to the architectural element. Especially for general illumination in hallways, or entrance of the house.

Things that you should be looking out for in a contemporary style; is bright pop colors which doesn’t go well at all, avoid the use of pastel or earthier colors and tones. If color is added, it has to be saturated color tones such as true red, indigo or orange. It applies for furnishings and decorative items as well.

Going for a contemporary look allows you to make certain decisions that can be easy, if you are one whom doesn’t fancy multiple color preferences or complexity. All you need to do is to express your inclination towards simple lines and matching two-tones combination between black and white. Prudence in making the right choice and knowing what you want, putting them into practical design.

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