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SPOTLIGHT: Tampines Street 83

HDB | 4 rooms | 1300 Ft² | $65,000 | Scandinavian | 8 weeks

You don’t always have to use white and black to create a monochromatic effect. The room here showcases a beautiful combination of grey and black with hues to white which makes it look grand and classy.

The dark shades of grey in the room are well-complimented with white light. It makes the room look classy and subtle. Moreover, the cool grey shade makes it look warm. The large window and a door in the room create ample space for lighting and fresh air.

The room portioning shows a study or a small workspace where you can start off your day. This is a great idea to use up the extra space in the room. The small triangular coffee table is also a mark of attraction in the room.

Room partitioning is a tricky affair especially if you don’t want to indulge in the brick and mortar system. This wooden room portioning is not like the traditional one. It is used as a shelf to showcase showpieces and other souvenirs.

An open kitchen and an attached dining room is the best way to enjoy a hot meal. A translucence glass door portioning is created to separate the kitchen and the dining room.

The kitchen looks great in shades of grey. The kitchen is kept simple with basic equipment, and use of cabinetry creates enough space for storage, which makes it look clutter free and well-organized.

If you wish to create a spacious and luxurious appeal in a small apartment, you must have a look at this place. The area highlights the little area which is merged with a place to dry your clothes.

You can add greenery to your house like its done here. Using small indoor plants like ferns, succulents. They not only keep the atmosphere fresh but also spruce up the look of the room.

Ditch the showpieces and splurge your room with greenery to make it livelier and beautiful. Adding indoor green plants to your room is a great way to make it look refreshing everytime you step into your house.

Ergonomic chair and wall mounted table with ample cabinetry is all you need to create a workspace in your house. It looks classy and gives a formal look. Go for the shades of grey and white to give it a more sophisticated look.

Simple room with minimal furniture and wooden ambiance makes this bedroom a perfect nesting space for you after a tiring day.

The first thing that catches the eye while you step in the room is the illumination behind the bed; the large window further creates enough space for the light to penetrate which makes the room look bright and beautiful.

Looking for ideas for kids room, this picture here can be a great inspiration. It’s a Peppa Pig theme which your kid will fall in love the moment they enter the room. Shades of pink and white make this room kid-friendly.

A perfect single room, it has a bed, study table and wall cabinet are enough to make this room well-organized. The large window near the bed creates enough space for light to penetrate.