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WHITE HOUSE – You Can Actually Live In | How to Design an All-White Home

Ever admired a gorgeous home and wondered, ‘how can I get that?’. White lends an airy feel that opens up your space, it’s no wonder why an all-white space might appeal to most homeowners and their space-starved homes. It’s a simple idea but one that really speaks volume!  True, white hues make the perfect canvas, but going head-to-toe white isn’t as simple as it looks.

So, how does one actually design the perfect, all-white space – without going full-on OCD or tearing hairs out? Simply follow these 5 tried-and-tested rules for designing a white abode that you can actually live in:

1. Know the Difference Between Whites

Yes, white is a single colour. But if you’ve ever browsed through Nippon Paint catalogue, you’d know that it comes in a ton of hues too. In fact, choosing the wrong shade can make everything goes wrong. And the two key areas that determine which shade is right for your space: the white undertone and its finish.

Whites with cool undertones (blue or green) work great for homes with ample afternoon sunlight. As space takes on an orangey tone, cooler whites to help balance hues out. Alternatively, whites with warm undertones (orange) are better for homes that are slightly dimmer, to mimic that natural sunlight ‘glow’ in a space.

Likewise, the type of finish; matte or glossy, counts too. For something that’s a little muted and cosy, go for matte finishes. If you’re looking for something easier to clean, a glossy finish takes less work to wipe down and help to reflect light!

2. Match Your White Wall with the Right Materials

It’s important that your white paint matches the undertones of your built-ins and furniture. As a rule of thumb, whites with warm undertones work well with rustic/ traditional pieces or natural materials like wood. On the other hand, whites with cool undertones complement ‘colder’ finishes like glass, steel or marbles.

Match Your White Wall with the Right Materials

3. Keep Things Looking ‘Unfussy’ with Textures

We’ve mentioned it before – white can be an unforgiving colour as dirt, scratches or any unsightly marks are most obvious in this shade. And when you’ve got four plain white walls, it’s easy to spot the smallest imperfections quickly.

As such, one way of masking or shifting the eye away is to bring in various textures that add visual dimension. Think white subway tiles, pale, bleached woods, exposed white bricks or even cement screed to achieve that effect.

Similarly, an all-white space doesn’t necessarily have to live up to that name. Complement whites with other subtle off-white or grey finishes or go dramatic and high contrast with black or mirrored highlights.

Keep Things Looking ‘Unfussy’ with Textures 6

4. Cosy Up with Natural Elements

Worried your all-white home might come off a little too sterile? Whether it’s a sleek, modern space or a homey, Scandinavian-style interior, touches of natural elements and greenery will help to make your space feel more livable and welcoming. Try bringing in potted plants or flowers for a hint of leafy warmth. Or, consider rustic materials like linen, ceramics and leather for a polished yet down-to-earth vibe.

Cosy Up with Natural Elements

5. Finally, a Pop of Colour Never Hurts

Rather, colours help to define and complete an all-white space, not stray it away from its theme. Incorporate one or two colourful pieces of furniture; or, you could paint your door in a different colour that also doubles as a visual feature at home. If you’re feeling less adventurous, bring in these colours through smaller accessories or soft furnishings. Just remember, add tinges of colour – not bucket-loads of them.

Finally, a Pop of Colour Never Hurts

Your ultimate all-white abode is just a tap away.

You’ve got the ideas – now it’s time to bring it to life with the right interior designer! Schedule an appointment with us today, and we can match you with our experienced and talented Interior Designer, based on your style and we will work within your budget.