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Sleep more with fewer distractions

Having adequate sleep is one of many working adults’ wish especially when coping with a new or stressful job, getting used to a new environment or even in a newly renovated home. Yet many of those distractions that we are facing every night is causing the loss of sleep or even poor sleep quality. Have you thought of how to make that few hours of the night more fulfilling?

Let’s spell out the distractions

Keep it lean.

There is no need to transform your room into a gym, a workplace filled with laptops or computers, or playroom with a TV screen and video games. All these are taking away your precious sleep. Keep all the electronics out of the bay, especially in your bedroom.

Let’s spell out the distractions

Save the energy and your pocket.

Keep the room free of gadgets such as cellphone, tablet, laptop, handheld game console or e-book reader. The lesser you use it in your room, the lesser you will need to recharge it, hence saving bills over time! There’s always traditional alarm clock which works all the time.

The darker the room, the better it is.

Don’t leave bedside lamps on, eliminate all light in the room, best is to install blackout blinds or curtains to enjoy the total darkness. If a mobile phone is the one last thing you cannot bear to part with for the next few hours, flip the phone and keep the screen-side down.

The darker the room, the better it is.

Silence is golden.

Unwanted noise and sound is one of the culprits when it comes to sleep, be it from across the living hall, rooms or even across the opposite blocks or streets. Worst still, sometimes it is just out of our control, such as traffic noises or neighbors. There is one way to counter this, by using sound machines which produce therapeutic, soothing and mellow sounds that will aid in inducing sleep, sending you straight to dreamland.

Smells and bells.

Another popular method is to introduce aromatherapy but limited to a certain scent which can be very effective to sleep, such as lavender and vanilla. It creates an atmosphere that is calming and relaxing.

Smells and bells.

You are how you sleep.

Choosing the right size and suitable type of pillow and mattress makes difference here. If you experience stiff neck or back pains due to the sleeping posture or position, it may be time for a new one. Spend some time trying it out can save you the trouble of getting it replaced, or best still you don’t even need to replace it for a long time.

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