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HDB (Resale) vs Condo Renovation

In this article, we will cover the topic about renovating a resale HDB Renovation versus renovating a condominium, and how different they can be.

 A typical 5 room resale HDB and a 3 bedroom condominium floor plan. A typical 5 room resale HDB and a 3 bedroom condominium floor plan.

The examples below shows general and common items that is involved in a resale HDB (4 room resale renovation package, 3 room resale flat renovation package, hdb kitchen renovation package, and hdb toilet renovation package) and Condominium, quite a big difference as we can see.

Resale HDB Renovation

Commonly requested works: Hacking of walls and floor tiles, relocation of lighting points/power points and doors, laying of floor tiles, relocation of piping, plastering works, false ceiling installation, general carpentry works, painting works.

The reason for such massive works involved is because a resale flat has its plentiful amount of floor space to “play” with, building up the design requires space, getting rid of the old tiles, cabinets and even electrical wiring. Forming it up with tangible materials such as feature wall, false ceilings, partition walls, and glass panels etc.

There is also difference when it comes to doing up an old HDB flat, unlike new BTO flats, most of the sanitary and plumbing points such as incoming water pipes, drainage pipes, floor traps and WC for new BTO flats are fixed (unless you opt out the sanitary fittings under the Optional Component Scheme (OCS) during the flat selection appointment), hence relocation requires hacking and reconnection of the points. A case in point, a resale HDB flat would require a lot more hacking works than BTO flats though it may be subjective to individual homeowners. Do send us a message if you are interested to find out what we offer in the resale renovation package.

Just like many new homeowners paying for a big ticket item, renovating a resale flat can be quite daunting as most of the works are involving hacking of existing walls, relocation of electrical power points, and carpentry works etc. Fret not, with the help and advice from professional Interior Designer, such can be meticulously planned and carried out, as well as we will provide in our resale hdb renovation.

Hence making it a dream home can be easily achieved. (No pun intended or to debunk the practical design of current BTO flats)

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Commonly requested works: Installation of feature wall, flooring overlay, general carpentry works.

Usually there isn’t much works required for a newly built condominium as most of the provisions are installed, nicely painted and designed. Most of the times condominium renovations are quite minimal but there are exceptional cases especially for a resale condominium, which homeowners requested to do a major renovation to change the entire look in the house.

Examples of resale HDB renovation works

The below examples of the work in progress are taken from one of our resale projects showing the existing kitchen area with hacking works and after wall tiles are installed.

Another resale flat that went through a major renovation works, showing the kitchen area

Examples of condominium renovation works

Here’s some kitchen work in progress photos of a condominium project showing the existing kitchen area with custom built-in kitchen cabinets and countertop installed.

As seen above, certain works such as partial hacking of wall tiles and installation of electrical power points, relocation or connection are necessary for a kitchen makeover.

Photos taken at a condo project, revamping the toilet, cement screed & water proofing of the floor at the shower area.

In a nut shell, resale HDB toilet makeover works are quite massive as most homeowners request for a major revamp instead of partial works. Condominium homeowners usually retain their original design especially the carpentry works or developer’s provisions as their warranty is still in service, unless it is a resale condominium, major revamp works are possible as well.

Below are some photos of our recent completed project at The Criterion, Executive Condominium. Contact us today to find out more about our 3 room hdb resale renovation package.