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5 Stunning Design Ideas for a 3-Room BTO

Have you ever wanted to buy a new BTO flat but had no idea what to do with the interior design? Are you looking for home décor ideas for 3 room flat?

When you own a BTO flat, especially a 3-room BTO flat, you may get overwhelmed by the design as it is small. You have no idea how to decorate it without making it feel cramped.

If you’re living in a 3-room BTO flat right now, it’s probably pretty small. And if you have no plans on buying a new place anytime soon, you might find yourself wanting to make some changes around the house so you need small HDB room ideas.

In this article, I’m going to give you five ideas of what you can do with your 3-room BTO flat. Some of these designs are quite simple. But they’re a great place to start because when you’re done with them, you’ll have more ideas of what to do next.

So if you want to make a change to your 3-room BTO design, then read on…

Minimise the Partitions

A 3-room BTO will feel and look cramped if you add too many partitions. So, you can create an open space by removing some of them. For example, you may only use partitions for bedrooms and bathrooms. Combine the living room, dining room, and kitchen together so your house will look more expansive than it actually is. If you think dividers are a must try transparent ones like glass doors or windows.

If you want to apply this idea, it would be better if you draw the layout first so you have an imagination about the layout of the room. But, do you know drawing the layout on a piece of paper is such a lame idea? Because, nowadays, 3D visualisation interior design has become popular as it gives you a clearer vision of the interior design you want.

9 Creation is the best interior design firm that provides 3D visualisation services. With 3D interior visualisation, you will save more time and money and allows interior designers to accurately plan the projects.


Optimise the Space

We can’t deny that living in a 3-room BTO flat means we have limited area. Therefore, we have to prioritise which furniture is essential to be put inside because if we place furnishings that have no use at all, it will just waste the space. But, remember you have not only floor space, but also wall space! Install floating shelves to put your books, pictures, and small decorations. You also can add wall hangers to hang your clothes or accessories. Or create wall niches and locate, for example, small lamps, diffusers, or any other pieces.

Other than that, you can also opt for a wardrobe or bed with drawers at the bottom or tables with hidden cabinets under it to keep your small stuff and avoid your space looking cluttered.

Play with Mirrors and Glass

Incorporating mirrors and glass can be one of the best interior design ideas you can apply to your 3-room BTO flat. Those materials allow your eyes to travel further, giving an illusion of open space and adding an aesthetic and elegant feel. For instance, you can add glass doors as kitchen partitions. And you can also create a visual effect of making your area look wider by placing big mirrors. The light will bounce off the surfaces and around the abode to give a brighter, airier interior. However, you must be careful as mirrors and glass are fragile materials.

Add Wood Elements

If you need a sense of warmth in your living area, you can opt for wood material. It is such a versatile element that always works well with interior design. A lot of furnishings are made of wood: tables, wardrobes, beddings, chairs. A wooden floor is also a popular option when you want to expand your living space but at the same time add warmth to it. 

Also, you can enhance the sophisticated feel of your 3-room BTO flat by adding a muted colour scheme. For instance, you can go stylise your interior with wooden furnishing together with some sleek and dark elements.


Bring the Greenery Inside

Natural elements in your 3-room BTO HDB flat will freshen up your space. You don’t have to bring big trees inside. Small plants are enough. You can place them in the corner, on the shelves, and hang them on the walls or windows. If you think you don’t have a time to take care of them, you can opt for artificial plants. You don’t have to water them, but they still give freshen vibes to your house.

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