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5 Inspirational 3 Room HDB Design Ideas in Singapore

An HDB 3 room flat requires innovative space-saving strategies to fully utilize all rooms in your apartment. To decorate a 3 room HDB flat successfully, it is essential to consider the different elements in the 3 rooms. While some careful planning is necessary, that does not mean a lush and beautiful home is out of your reach.

Here are the best home improvement ideas at some of the most incredible places in Singapore, but first, you need to know these facts:


How Big is a 3-room HDB flat?

HDB flats can be found on the National Housing Board’s official website. They’re the size of 3 or 4 rooms, of which one room has an attached bathroom. A library is a facility in which books are stored. There may be shelves or bookshelves in this facility, and some readers may be found in a bookcase or bookshelf. In addition to the bomb shelter, this house also has a swimming pool.


Going white all the way

White is a color that adds light to any room. Using white and neutral colors when one is redecorating a compact home is one of the best HDB design ideas. In between the copious amounts of whites and wooden elements, the living room of this HDB design has a Scandinavian vibe. Interestingly, the designer intended it that way.

Modern style for limited 3 room HDB space

A simple yet stylishly clean apartment is created through a muted color scheme of grey, white and black. Dark wood flooring was incorporated into the living room to create an edgy look for the home. Draw clear and consistent boundaries between different parts of your home.

If you want to use the dining area as your primary living space, you’ll need to install a large, sturdy bench that can be moved aside for a table to be placed. To create a broader and more orderly space, you should use the wall-mounted shelves for books and the racks above the desk for your laptop.

In the other parts of the living area, taller shelves come in the form of saving space. It’s harder to fit compact homes with tall furniture, so make sure that your table is high enough to easily enter and maximize your usable space. When you don’t have enough room for a couch, you can look for custom-made furniture. You’ll see that the table I’ve chosen for my new HDB apartment in Singapore has clean and sharp lines, which make it perfect for smaller spaces like a 3-room flat.


Nature living in your 3 room HDB

Contemporary is the style of a 3-room HDB that is trendy. It looks stylish and is a good accent for dark-colored furnishings in a room. Wooden fixtures look classy. Make the washroom more light-colored and have wood textures combined with white surfaces. The homeowners went big on the greenery. Apart from making the space feel more alive, it can have a calming and purifying effect on the mind.


Rustic colonial setting for  3 room HDB Singapore

This 3-room HDB home offers a great view and a natural environment in Singapore. Its warm, mellow colors are very appealing. Adding the modern texture of bricks and mosaic tiles adds a splash of style to this spacious, sunny home.

If the bedroom is going to achieve a clean and polished renovation then it needs to work with a neutral color palette and symmetry. If you want your bedroom to be clean and uncluttered, it’s important to have a style that’s consistent throughout the room.

This Colonial-style home sports a magnificent, enviable bathroom. With honeycomb flooring and deep wood cabinets, your kitchen will have a comfortable and luxurious appearance. These textured floors reflect the home’s rustic theme, adding a classical touch.


Industrial style for 3 room HDB Singapore

Industrial style home exudes a certain aesthetic that reflects its style, whether it is minimalist or modern. This home is defined by its style, which is industrial with an industrial edge. Add an eccentric brick wall for a more edgy look to the living room. You can also create open concept 3 room HDB flat with this style.

Compartmentalized storage doors provide a practical way to separate different home parts facing space constraints. For a more realistic look, choose wood cupboards with black outlines and a finish in a darker color to give the interior a more solid feel. You can also add a 3-room flat design picture ideas for more interior decoration.

Muji Inspired resale 3 room HDB design

You don’t have to give up the convenience of having three rooms in one apartment, but this is nice, clean, and straightforward. The modern and fuss-free home features natural materials and colors, with an occasional splash of color. For this living room, plywood and timber textures are prevalent.

For the perfect Muji-inspired living room, you can add contemporary features, a neutral color palette, and clean lines that are simple and functional. A bright, spacious 3 room HDB kitchen design with royal blue cabinetry is the ideal corner for quick and simple meal preparation.

Muji’s bedrooms are always white, except for wood flooring. Vivid accents will add interest to your bedroom. Having white on white can look bland, but using some bright accents in your room will help make it more alive.

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