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10 Must-Know Facts of 4-Room BTO Renovation Cost

Renovating your 4-room BTO can be an exciting project, especially for first-time homeowners! From designing your home to completing a renovation, knowing when and what to do at each journey stage can help you save costs and ensure a pleasant experience in terms of budget.

To help you out with both of these tasks, we’ve compiled a list of must-know facts about 4-room BTO renovation cost:

Choose your design theme to reduce interior design cost

Start thinking about 4-room BTO design ideas or 4-room BTO renovation ideas you want in your new home. This is a creative process that takes time.  So, don’t expect to be able to decide on the first day of searching. For instance, if you love a bright and sunny house, don’t go for a dark and gloomy one when you are looking for 4-room flat renovation ideas.

How much does a 4-room BTO renovation cost?

If you want to know how much it will cost to remodel your 4-room BTO, then this is the specific estimation provided by Qanvast.

HDB BTO flat type Estimated renovation cost
3-room flat $38,850 to $44,000
4-room flat $43,000 to $45,000
5-room flat $45,000 to $52,000

Renovating a BTO flat isn’t as expensive as many people think, especially if you’ve opted for the extras when you purchased the flat from HDB.  You may feel that you have to spend at least $100,000 to get the best home renovation project, but it is not valid. Many people who purchase 4-room BTO will have to renovate their homes within a year or two because of the high cost of living in Singapore

4-Room BTO Renovation Costs

would cost about $43,000 to $45,000 to renovate a 4-room BTO flat. Flats are great for couples who are just starting. If you’re planning to have children, consider furnishing your home to allow you to reconfigure the living areas easily. Some people may not want a lot of built-in furniture in their extra bedroom. For example, some people have enough already. 

Factors that influence BTO renovation costs 

Type of service you use

Most people pick from the three renovation provider options: interior designers, contractors, or design-and-build services. Several variables determine the prices. If you go to the renovation contractor, there will be no help for project management or design. You should be prepared to supervise the renovations from start to finish.

The size of your 4-room BTO

When renovating a larger flat increases the renovation costs. This is because it requires more raw materials, furnishing, and labor to make a house. One option is to use an exterior stucco material or paint, which is inexpensive but time-consuming.

Materials of your 4-room BTO

It is easy to rack up huge renovation costs if you insist on custom carpentry or parquet wood flooring. Ceramic tiles cost $10 to $12 per square foot, but hardwood flooring will cost you $30 to $50 per square foot.

Scope of Renovation Work of your 4-room flat

More elaborate interior decor, more work is required to transform your home. Yes, it is going to cost you more to sell. These can push up renovation costs:

  • Carpentry (e.g. cabinets for your kitchen and custom TV consoles)
  • Hacking (e.g. removal of existing tiles, walls and built-in furniture)
  • Masonry (e.g. subfloor layer when tiling floors, base of cabinets)
  • Disposal of unwanted materials

Ways to minimize your 4-room BTO renovation cost

Do your own interior design

If you want to make minimal changes to your home, skipping an interior design service may be your best choice. If you use an online tool to plan the layout of your home, you can use a 3D model. When ready to build the house, source and work directly with local tradespeople to complete the installation work. Be sure these contractors are registered with the HDB. You should check the HDB website to apply for renovation permits.

Know exactly what you want

You’ve got the budget, but you don’t know if your contractor can do what you need. Pinterest is a great website to help you create and organize your favorite photos and images from around the web. You can find inspiration for your design project by looking online. Check out local interior design websites and what others are doing with your 4-room renovation design.

Search your materials.

Interior designs usually have preferred contractors. They will take care of everything for you, but they usually charge a fee.

Do you know if accessories like doorknobs and cabinet handles are included in the final quote? You can request to source your accessories if they are. If you want a granite or quartz countertop for your kitchen island, you can go to the industrial warehouses to purchase directly from suppliers.

Do your paint

Painting costs for a 3-room BTO flat range from $800 to $1,500, depending on the type of paint and the number of colors used. If you are crafty, paint your walls or put up wallpaper yourself to save costs! 

Avoid too much carpentry work and built-in furniture.

The popular design trends feature a lot of wood and built-in furniture. It is not necessary to construct extensive custom carpentry. Go green with secondhand furniture or shop for affordable options at furniture stores in Singapore. Similar to wood furniture, these materials will give off a similar vibe.

Overlay your tiles

If you want to install tile, you need to repair the floor surface first. It’s better to use laminate flooring instead. The laminate flooring will cost you $7 and $8 a square foot.

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Don’t worry!

When designing a home renovation project, the project’s scope needs to be determined at the outset. Before building any materials or spending money on anything, it is necessary to know how much your project will cost. This can help you determine whether your project is worth pursuing or not.

It is better to use a professional and experienced interior design like 9Creation to avoid future regrets. The team understands the science behind design and is equipped with the right tools to deliver. To help homeowners better understand what they are getting and what would their new home look like as the design concepts are about to take flight, we provide free 3D visualization drawings when you come to our showroom for an appointment.

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