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4 Room Resale Flat Renovation — How to Make the Most of Your Space

It can be difficult for homeowners who have inherited a home with limited space to make the best use of it. A room-by-room renovation may make the most sense if you have the funds to make the changes you want. However, there are still ways to create a beautiful and functional space in the existing home that is practical for your everyday life.

A room resale flat renovation is the perfect way to increase your home’s rental appeal and add value to your home, but not all home renovations are created equal. What makes one renovation so much better than another? In this post, we’ll explore 5 resale flat renovation ideas when choosing a 4 room resale flat renovation, including what makes for a good room resale flat renovation, what is involved in a room resale flat renovation, and how to make the most of your space.

Decluttered Look for Your Kitchen

Nobody likes a cluttered kitchen. Even if you redesign your kitchen with an eye toward style and function, it might still fall short of reaching its full potential without the help of clever storage. By decluttering your work surfaces, you may make your kitchen more effective by organizing the goods in the cabinets and on the shelves. Before we started the renovation process, the scenario in this kitchen looked like this.

Increased the preexisting kitchen storage to a modular and seamless one in order to make the space more uncluttered. She put in handleless top and bottom cabinets to provide the kitchen enough storage space. For this 4-room resale HDB makeover, a parallel kitchen design was chosen since it maximizes the utility of compact areas. As you can see, by including pull-out drawers and cabinets, skirting drawers, and oil pull-outs, we effectively utilize the space that was available. Cooking is now completely hassle-free thanks to the placement of even intelligent appliances in convenient places.

Separate Dry and Wet Bathroom Areas

This home’s master bathroom was formerly uninteresting, with no storage and no zone segmentation. Your HDB apartment’s small bathroom should not look like this. If you use the right 4-room HDB resale renovation ideas, as we did with this one, tiny designs may also be functional and aesthetically pleasing.

To keep the restroom as dry as possible, designate separate wet and dry sections. To divide the shower area from the remainder of the bathroom, we put in a glass partition. The bathroom’s walls and floor are tiled as well. We installed a vanity cabinet with a mirror in the dry room as additional storage. The apartment has plenty of space for storing bathroom supplies. To increase the storage possibilities, the mirror also opens into shelves.

Bedroom Built-In Furniture

Due to the tiny HDB flat sizes, Singaporeans always have a lot to store in a small area. A wooden wardrobe that was previously in the master bedroom was evidently insufficient for the family’s requirements. To solve this problem, the family was given built-in storage so they could maximize the area while making it appear less crowded and untidy. 

A built-in wardrobe took the place of the previous closet. Because they don’t require additional space to open, built-in wardrobes are an excellent option for small areas. Another illustration of how storage can be offered in small places is the wall-mounted cabinet over the bedside. In this 4-room resale HDB design, the handleless cabinets and closet offer the master bedroom a seamless appearance.

Built-In Cabinets Kitchen Appliances 

Once you’ve positioned all of your huge appliances on the countertop, you might not have room for décor. Additionally, it can make people worry about their safety. What steps do you take to shrewdly fit all of your current kitchen appliances? Choosing built-in appliances or designating cupboards for them are your two options.

For instance, the microwave had been taking up a lot of room on the countertop. She relocated it to a built-in cupboard and added a flower arrangement as a decorative touch. This four-room makeover of a resale apartment makes use of standard kitchen amenities including a wall-mounted chimney to keep the kitchen smoke-free and a cooktop with brass burners.

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Partially Remove the Kitchen Wall

We are all aware of how small HDB kitchens may be and how crowded they may appear if improperly planned. This four-room HDB resale used to have a very crowded and small kitchen. Before the remodeling, the space lacked storage and appeared cramped and uninteresting. So, how did we achieve the current level of brightness in the kitchen?

The answer to the problem lies in hacking. In order to make the kitchen more spacious, we partially tore down the entrance wall in this 4-room HDB resale renovation. The removal of the entrance wall made it simpler to make the most of the kitchen’s space and usefulness. It gave the kitchen island more room and quickly expanded the kitchen’s size. This helped the kitchen stand out from the surrounding areas even more.


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