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6 Carpentry ideas for the new year

Looking for furnishing to fill up the entire house? Here are some ideas which you may consider before jumping the gun. We have specially selected these photos from various finished projects to showcase the cabinetry, shelvings and feature walls. These built-ins are unlike bulky furnishings which you normally see in shops, they don’t take up much space, tailor-made to fit every corner of the house, thus you don’t have to worry about the edges jutting out. And they make good design components for the overall theme and feel, which you can be proud of, whenever you have visitors coming over. Let’s take a look at these 6 alternatives built-in that may inspire you.

1. Bedframe

When we normally talk about bedframe, we want to save as much space as possible as we need that extra space to move around especially the wardrobe is just 2 feet away. Move over, bulky bedframes!

Headboard and side table can be incorporated together, double up as a storage shelving at the same time! Cove light that is embedded in the shelving double-up as ambient lighting for the headboard storage shelving and who says each bedside table needs a lamp?

2. Recessed Shelving

Multiple compartment and recessed shelving is something that many homeowners are desiring to have yet most of the time are not being seriously considered due to the hassle of maintenance. Fret not, as long as you do plan a cleaning schedule weekly or bi-weekly, in just a matter of minutes, this should be no sweat for you. It’s pretty obvious that you treasure and love what is being displayed in the recessed shelving, isn’t it?

3. TV console

When it comes to tv consoles, many of you might be wondering if we are referring to the old 80’s or 90’s tv console where you would imagine blocks of dark wooden toned tables with bulky antique looking legs. We have moved on from that era, to the current trend that tv consoles are no longer boring looking slabs of wooden tables or tv stands that is space hogging or bulky looking. These various styles may inspire you to think differently, especially with the decision of selecting finishing and how well it can pair off with the feature wall or storage shelving.

4. Feature wall

Speaking of which, a feature wall can be creatively done up and functional too. It can be used as a separator, a door to enclose your household shelter or even for the room! That’s unthinkable right?

5. Study room

As you can see in the photos, there’s no bulky study tables that can be usually found in furnishing shops which can take up much space. Made to measure tables, and the height that is accustomed to your needs, making sure the top hung book cabinets are at your reach and you won’t accidentally bump your head when you stand up.

6. Wardrobe

Concrete, marble, glass, or smooth finishing. These are not your typical choice of laminates which you will think of naturally, but these are certainly something to consider, if you wish to create a unique style of your own, be it just a set of wardrobe doors or for matching the entire house. The sky’s the limit, and don’t set yourself any restriction in choosing the type of finishing for your wardrobe design.


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