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a night of celebration (6th anniversary celebration)

On the night of 23rd November 2018, familiar faces strolled into our showroom at 3 Cavan road, despite the pouring rain, these people brought along not just their umbrellas but their warm smiles, that immediately brighten up the mood!

So, who are they??

These attendees are our valued homeowners whom we have worked with over the years, making significance in their renovation journey, making their dreams into a reality.

To appreciate them and to express our sincere gratitude, we specially invited them to join us in our celebration of hitting the mark of our 6th year anniversary.

We celebrated our milestone together with these past homeowners who have been supporting and journeying with us over the years. 9 Creation wouldn’t have made it without their support, encouragement and constructive feedback.

The team took time despite their hectic daily schedules, in planning the games, and coordinating with one another in ensuring everything is proper and the programme sequence for the night will run smoothly, logistics aspect from designing the invitation cards, to preparing the games and not forgetting the sumptuous Peranakan halal buffet.

At their arrival, each homeowner was greeted by their respective ID, to welcome them into our showroom at 3 Cavan Road.

Homeowners writing and signing off with their blessings, congratulatory messages and well wishes for 9 Creation.

Next up, the team came up with games which involves everyone including all the interior designers and homeowners, such as “flip the bottle”, “stacking the cups” and “tossing the ping-pong balls”. They were being split into small groups, such as “ID vs homeowners” groups.

With their full participation that made the games so enjoyable especially with their cheering & waves of laughter. It hyped up on the whole atmosphere, making the showroom so lively and bustling with awesomeness.

At the end of the session, each participant received a small gift as an appreciation in taking part in the games.

These are the most anticipated highlights of the night; lucky draw and cake cutting!

Thank you all who have supported us all these years, your continuous support means a lot to us, to where we are right now. A big shout out to all the homeowners celebrating our 6th year anniversary with us!!

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