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7 Kitchen Backsplash Materials For Your Kitchen Renovation

There are so many things to consider when designing a kitchen that a professional designer will be of great help. Suppose you want to improve your kitchen design. A kitchen backsplash is, of course, one way to do it. If your kitchen is plain and boring, you can easily give it a fresh and new look with a bit of time and creativity.

Kitchen backsplashes are one way to add some pop of colour to your kitchen. Adding a trendy kitchen backsplash ideas will make it seem like the ones you see on screen. For kitchen backsplashes in Singapore, check out these awesome design ideas. You can find some cool kitchen designs out there, but if you’re trying to make this your own, you may have difficulty finding the right one for you.

Here are some kitchen backsplash materials you can try in your kitchen.

Granite for kitchen backsplash

Suitable for kitchens that usually cook filling meals, the granite backsplash kitchen adds to the natural charm of your kitchen. Whether you choose to tie it in with a granite countertop or choose a different material, you’ll love your kitchen backsplash.

Tiles for kitchen backsplash

The most popular material in the kitchen tiles design. Because of its water resistance, tile is a popular material for kitchen and bathroom surfaces. There are a lot of different tile materials to choose from. Porcelain, ceramic, stone, marble, and even glass sheets are a few materials you can choose from. 

A tile backsplash kitchen Singapore is a significant design element to create an accent. You can choose a pattern, style, or colour of your liking for your backsplash. The best way to brighten up the appearance of a kitchen is to paint a colourful tile splash above the sink.

Cleaning and maintenance of tiles are effortless. It is not difficult to maintain because you only need to get the grout cleaned so that dirt does not stick. Whether you want a clean, classic look for your kitchen or more fun, colourful design with mosaics, you should choose the tile material.

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Marbles for kitchen backsplash

The elegant beauty and uniqueness of marble make a dull kitchen a wealthy one. Kitchen counters don’t have to be the same because they’re made from natural stones. You need a unique kitchen addition to bring an element of style to your kitchen.

Marble is an expensive material, but it will last for many years and provide a beautiful backdrop for your home. However, you should note that when you want to care for marble, clean it thoroughly.

Glass for kitchen backsplash

Glass backsplashes are becoming a thing in kitchens across America. Traditionally, tiles or marbles were often used as kitchen backsplashes, but many interior designers recognise the capability and durability of glass in the kitchen scene.

You don’t think that glass is as adaptable as you feel. This material is mould resistant and doesn’t need to be sealed. To cover up the tiles, you should install glass on the back of the house. It’s essential to keep your kitchen clean to keep it fresh.

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Quartz for kitchen backsplash

The non-porous quartz is made of finely crushed pieces. Homeowners agree that it is worth the cost in gold. You can add drama to your kitchen with the HDB kitchen backsplash. You will have a seamless kitchen if you have a quartz countertop.

If you plan to build your kitchen, you should consider choosing the quartz kitchen backsplash. It is more durable than marble or granite. The quartz kitchen backsplash is also less costly than the other two choices. You can also add style to your kitchen by having an HDB kitchen countertop.

The quartz kitchen backsplash can be stained to match your existing cabinetry and appliances. Choosing the right kitchen cabinet is essential. If you do not have enough space, you can consider buying wall-hung cabinets. These cabinets are ideal for kitchens that are small in size.

KompacPlus for kitchen backsplash

KompacPlus backsplash is the perfect product for kitchen backsplash. It is entirely waterproof, scratch-resistant and non-porous.  But you can also just install KompacPlus backsplash over your existing backsplash for a fresh look!

KompacPlus is manufactured with high-quality ABS plastic and comes in 10 different colours: Black, Gray, Green, Grey, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, White and Yellow. KompacPlus has a lifetime warranty against defects. 

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