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9 Tips To Make Your Own Balinese Style At Home In Singapore

Balinese fashion is not limited to Bali. It is a lovely form of home decoration that is inspired by Bali but can be used in any home, no matter where you live. Balinese style has many interesting aspects to try out for yourself, from the use of natural materials like wood and bamboo to the simple, yet elegant way of decorating. More information on Balinese home decor in Singapore can be found by clicking here!

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1) Design Inspired by Feng Shui

The Balinese also believe in feng shui, which is why many traditional Balinese-style homes on Bali are built so that they face away from the sea. These houses are also designed with smaller rooms attached to larger ones to create a sense of openness while maintaining privacy. For example, you’ll notice that our Bali furniture frequently has a curved roof attached to straight walls, allowing natural Bali energy to flow freely into the room.

2) Utilization of Natural Materials

Balinese artisans frequently use local materials from the island when building Balinese homes to give a sense of place and identity. For Bali, we do this by decorating our products with Balinese wood carvings made from dried teakwood obtained from Bali’s balinese wood carvers. The most common is the Bali Bali Bali – a uniquely Balinese naming convention that describes the intricate woodwork on our Bali furniture!

3) Maintain Simplicity

When it comes to home decors bali, the Balinese are not known for their extravagance. Instead, they prefer clean lines and a modern – yet still traditional – appearance. As a result, straight, rectangular bali’s furniture with little to no decoration can be found in many Balinese homes.

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4) The Bedding

In Bali, we always make sure that our beds and furniture are made of dried teakwood, which is a popular choice for bedding and other soft furnishings due to its natural resistance to termites. These Bali soft furnishings are also finished in a Balinese style, with hand carved Bali designs on the headboard, baseboards, and even the legs!

5) The Lights

Bali lamps typically have a simple design with a rattan or bamboo base to prevent them from slipping while in Bali. The shade is also a Balinese staple, made from dried coconut palm leaves that are tightly rolled and bound together with thread or wire to form a long, cylindrical Bali!

6) The Decorations

When visiting Bali, you will notice that the Balinese love to decorate their homes with ornaments. These can include decorative vases, statues, and sculptures that add a touch of Bali to your home. In fact, items like these are frequently used to “bless” a home with Bali energy!

7) The Drapes

Bali curtains are typically made of cotton or another soft, natural material to allow Balinese breezes to enter your home. They are frequently left unadorned – but you can add some Bali style to your home by adding tulisan or other popular Balinese design!

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8) Everything White

The Balinese adore white, whether it’s in their traditional cotton clothing, their architecture, or the thick walls that often divide the rooms in a Balinese home. We have imitated this Balinese by decorating our Bali furniture with white Balinese wood carvings. Natural colored cotton is also used for the cushions, ornaments, and other Bali styles!

9) Colors from nature

White isn’t the only color used by Balineses to decorate their homes. Balinese from Bali are also decorated in natural tones of green, orange, and other earthy colors typical of the island.


Balinese home decor in Singapore is a lovely way to bring the feel of Bali into your own home! This style of decoration is available at Bali furniture singapore. Many traditional Balinese-style homes on Bali are built with smaller rooms attached to larger ones for privacy and face away from the sea. When we build our products, we use Bali-specific materials, such as bamboo, to make them uniquely Balinesian, with carvings created exclusively for us by Balinese wood carvers. These pointers will get you thinking about how you can create your own Balinese style at home without having to travel all the way to Bali! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help or advise you.

Do you want a Balinese style in your home without traveling to Bali? We’ve been providing 9 tips on how to make your own, from our 9Creation! Visit today for more information.