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Everything You Need to Know About Bathroom Renovation in Singapore

That’s a shame because bathrooms are probably the most important space to remodel in your home, even though they don’t get as much attention. Even though it is cheaper not to have a bathroom makeover, you can still give a makeover to your bathroom without spending too much money.

Considerations for your bathroom renovation project include what products you want to use, how much money you’re willing to spend, and whether you prefer to work with a professional or do it yourself. This is how you can avoid any unnecessary expenditures and finally end up with the desired outcome.

Do I need to renovate my bathroom?

While everyone’s reason might be different, the most common reasons for HDB bathroom renovation are:

  1. The tiles look old and dirty. They could be cracked due to their use. 
  2. A generic look gives a dull vibe to the bathroom. 
  3. The cabinets look worn out. There is a chance of rust in metallic cabinets. 
  4. The old design doesn’t follow the rules. People prefer modern bathroom designs. 

Bathroom renovation Singapore cost

An HDB bathroom renovation consultant knows what needs to be done in a bathroom. It is a great tool for those who have no idea what their toilet looks like or if it needs improvement. For an estimate of the bathroom renovation package, here’s a breakdown:

  • Hacking: $1200 – $1700 
  • Tiling: $2500 – $4500 
  • Plumbing: $1200 – $1700 
  • Toilet vanity: $800 – $1300 
  • Shower screen: $500 – $900 

The prices of the HDB toilet renovation package can change at will. The costs can vary even more if you consider the different materials you’ll be selecting and the size of the elements in the toilet. The prices of your bathroom renovation can affect the scope of the project.

What affects your bathroom renovation cost?

It’s crucial to have a renovation plan in place that is cost-effective because it will significantly impact your budget. No surprises are ever welcome. Your bathroom renovations can vary, but several things affect this cost.

  • The type of tiles you choose
  • Built-up up walls and shower niche
  • Pick of showering systems and bathtub (if any)

The duration of the bathroom renovation in Singapore

The process of creating and sourcing the raw materials, as well as a sourcing and hauling them to your location. Add to this the time taken for carpentry. This course takes anywhere from one to three weeks. On average, a typical HDB toilet renovation will take 4 weeks and 5 extra days if you want.

How long your renovated bathroom will last?

HDB toilets are generally designed for up to 10 years of use. If you have a:

  1. New Condo:
    It’s likely to come with a guarantee on seepage and leakage cover. 
  2. Resale Condo:
    It depends on the state of the building. A complete bathroom renovation is recommended if the condo is more than ten years old. 
  3. HDB BTO:
    It comes with a 3-year warranty on the bathroom. You can change the counter and wait for the guarantee period to finish the job. 
  4. Resale HDB:
    It depends on the property’s age. It is best to have a complete HDB toilet renovation. 

Bathroom renovation mistakes you should avoid

  • It’s a good idea for homeowners and their family members to try out the sizes before buying a toilet pot. Most people don’t do this, so they might get a smaller unit than they need.
  • You can either fit the basin under the unit or over it. If you put the bay on top of the counter, make sure the faucet’s spout is long enough to let water out of the basin. 
  • The smaller the bathroom, the better it looks in whites. Adding depth to a bathroom can be accomplished in dark brown or black. 

Let 9Creation guide you through your bathroom renovation process

Our bathroom is where we get ready and wash up most of the time. It can become a luxurious one with some simple tricks and ideas when it’s time for a well-deserved hot bath. 

Unless you want to end up with an unlikeable bathroom, you need to get a proper bathroom renovation from a professional. 9Creation, as an interior design firm with years of experience in residential and commercial spaces, we approach any challenge head-on and welcome the opportunity to confront those challenges with a positive result!

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