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5 Beautiful Ideas For Your Child’s Nursery Room Renovation HDB

Baby’s nursery is an exciting time, as your little one’s just months away. You’ll need lots of ideas to make your baby’s room special for them. Furniture and décor that’s not only durable but is also childproof, is a must. That’s why it’s best to invest in durable goods that don’t need constant reordering.  

Decorating a brand new nursery is the most important way to transform your Singapore apartment. It makes sense to consult with a Singapore interior designer like 9Creation, a company that helps you with the planning, execution, and maintenance of your space. To get things easier for you, we have compiled some inspirations for you to design a beautiful nursery room for your home.

Use neutral colours

In the nursery, colors are very important. It’s a great place to be. There are many ways to color your baby’s room, but a simple process works well for most babies. Whether you want to give your baby girl or boy a room to call his or her own or you want to echo the rest of your home’s overall colour pallet, gender-neutral colour schemes might just give you a fun change of pace.

Contrasts are good in nurseries too. If you’re a little adventurous, mix contrasting colours together for a nice and colorful look for your baby. But make sure to stick with white for a calming effect using neutral colors.  It can be a wall accessory or a fixture that you hang on a wall.

Take care of your baby clutter-free with multifunction

You’ll want to choose items that will grow with your baby, as well as the right nursery storage furniture. Pick items that can grow with a baby and have longevity. Your baby grows into a crawling bub and an active toddler. They’ll outgrow their nursery in no time, you’ll love the flip side.

Having multi-functional furniture in your nursery, like a crib that converts to a toddler bed and a toy chest that can store toys or even be used as a diaper drawer, means you won’t have to re-arrange your space every time you add another child. 

At 9Creation, we are fully aware of the HDB renovation guidelines. We are able to give you choices of the safest multifunction furniture to prevent unwanted problems in the future. Not only that, but we also create the best  3D visualization to make sure everything is according to your preference but also unique HDB designs.

Create a soothing environment to promote learning

Your child’s nursery wall colours should promote a calming environment for your baby with some stimulation like patterns or bright colours for learning. Bright yellow and orange are known to stimulate infants, while dark-coloured walls and curtains are thought to cause babies to feel too gloomy.

If you need to add a splash of color, a splash of wallpaper is easier to clean and lasts much longer than a fresh coat of paint. There are many ways to bring life to a room. Framed prints, handmade ornaments, or other crafts can instantly and elegantly enliven a room.

Don’t forget your nursery room ceiling

This is a common mistake that new mothers make. They are beginning to notice certain patterns. Kids spend a lot of time in cribs Even if they have a mobile and toys, they will still stare at the ceiling.

Your child’s nursery’s ceiling allows you to create a picture, tell a story, and add calming colours and textures to your child’s space before they fall asleep. With 9Creation, we have several numerous great solutions and products you can use for ceiling decoration to promote your baby’s healthy growth. Our professional employee and their long proven experience will certainly help you pick your ceiling decoration that will match your home interior perfectly.

Create an aesthetic room with wallpapers

As kids get older the number of challenges will increase. Thus, when designing a nursery, you should be thinking in aesthetic and practical terms. The most affordable smart home solution is usually the most effective. In this case, the answer is washable wallpaper.

If you asked any mother out there, she would probably wish she had used wallpaper in her nursery. The concept is pretty straightforward. Food, bodily fluids, crayons, and paint are some of the things that could get on the wall. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess or moving the papers to the laundry room when you have washable wallpaper.

Wallpapers can be many types; they can be warm, cool, or even colorful. Some people say vintage wallpaper is in a comeback. They make the nursery look great. At 9Creation, we can give you a new and better wallpaper style, according to your style. If you don’t like a certain types of patterns such as wallpapers that look like children’s book illustrations and actual drawings created by kids, then we can do something to create a little fairy tale for your baby. The images are typically soft and muted in order to be noticed, but don’t get in the way of the content.


Having a professional interior design service, such as 9Creation, can create your  Child’s Nursery Room Renovation HDB to be one of the best investments you make in getting more buyers into your home. By creating an interior design and a 3D representation of your home, you’ll get the best visualization of your long-last investment before making the biggest decision of your life. Get yours too with 9Creation here.


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