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8 Wallpaper Ideas for Your Bedroom

Are you tired of looking at the same old boring walls? Are you dreaming of changing the interior design of your bedroom? And are you seeking wallpapers for room?

If so, here are 8 mesmeric wallpaper bedroom ideas to inspire you.

Changing your wallpaper bedroom is always a great idea to spice up your room when you think it needs a change. And it’s always pleasing to go online and look at so many options of wallpapers for room. Then, you start questioning what is the best wallpaper for room that the best for your sleeping space?

Most people dream of having beautiful, vibrant rooms but they don’t know how to make it happen. Or even worse, they spend too much money on wallpapers for room which is ultimately disappointing. And they end up feeling disappointed in themselves.

We have put together a list of eight mesmerising ideas of wallpapers for room that would make you feel truly inspired. So without further ado, let’s get into it…


Wallpaper for All Walls

Have you ever seen a bedroom with four matching walls? No? Neither have we. Many people usually cover only one wall with wallpaper. But, this idea is worth it to try: to cover all the bedroom walls with wallpaper as well. You can choose four different designs for each wall, or go with only one design for all walls (this is depending on your budget, too), and see how mesmerising your bedroom is!


Striped Wallpapers to Add Height

If you have a small bedroom and want it to look bigger with wallpapers, you can elongate the walls by opting for vertical striped wallpaper. It not only makes your room look larger but also makes it look sophisticated and elegant. The elegant feel given by the striped wallpapers for room also instantly gives it a luxury hotel vibe.

One Papered Wall

Many people often cover their one-bedroom wall to make a focal point. And, as can be predicted easily, when they apply wallpaper in bedroom on one wall, they always choose the wall behind the bed as the accent wall. But, do you know that the wall behind the bed isn’t always the only option? You still can make the focal point on the other walls, for instance, on the window wall. Cover it with wallpaper to make an impression on the bedroom.


Animal Prints

When you’re looking for wallpapers for room, you can opt for animal prints. The options of animal-printed wallpaper are always endless and confused you. From leopard, zebra, tiger, peacock, and even flamingos printed in a rainbow of colours. Birds are often seen in many bedrooms, but the choices don’t stop there. You still can pick the animals of your choice. It could be deer, butterflies, cats, or even dogs.


Be Inspired by Nature

After a long day at work, you need cosiness to let go of all the weariness. Nature-inspired wallpapers are the perfect choice to create calmness and cosiness to your bedroom. Floral, leaves, and trees are quite popular to make you feel like you’re outside for a pleasing vacation. Wallpapers for room with floral-printed are usually considered old and kind of remind you of your grandmother, but it actually gives you a vintage vibe that promotes the sense of nostalgia.


Go with Monochrome

Make a real statement with timeless black and white wallpapers for room. Monochrome colour is an ideal and cheap choice if you’re confused about choosing the right colour for your bedroom. A feature wall in a monochrome wallpaper is perfect for your sleeping space while you can bring in other colours through other my terials such as bed, bedding, and pillows. 

Wallpaper the Ceiling

People often ignore the ceiling when it comes to renewing their bedroom. They’re too focused on the four walls so they forget about the ‘fifth wall’ that actually can be renewed, too. Of course, it’s such an unusual idea to cover your ceilings with wallpaper, but you can be bold by covering the ceilings with funky wallpapers which is usually too much for all the four walls.


Wallpaper with Motivational Quotes

When it comes to printing their walls with wallpaper, many people usually choose animals, floral, or geometric patterns. But, you can always try something new and different: wallpapers for room with motivational quotes. The quotes can be from your favourite books, movies, or song lyrics. Just imagine waking up to see positive words in the morning, making you energised to keep moving forward every day.

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How 9 Creation Can Help You?

Wallpapers are not a new way to give your bedroom a new look. But, it’s indeed such a unique way to cover your bedroom walls. With so many patterns and colours, you might be confused about picking the best one for your sleeping space. Because, if you choose it wrong, it won’t give your bedroom a pleasing look, but instead irritates your sights. Therefore, 9 Creation is here to help you renew your bedroom with the best and rightest wallpapers for room. For more information, call us or visit our website!


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