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7 Trendy Ways To Improve Your BTO 4-Room Bathroom Design

You’re probably looking forward to your next BTO interior design renovation project. In many cases, bathrooms are small, and the general consensus is that there are not a lot of design options for such a small space.

When you’re remodeling your home, it’s important to pay attention to your bathroom. Don’t wait until the last minute to complete it. There are many ways to give your bathroom a new look and make it look modern and stylish. We have bathroom renovation ideas and tips that will help you make your dream bathroom a reality.

Create a larger bathroom

You can transform your BTO into a single-bathroom apartment. The original bathroom can be combined, so there was no need for two more. A large open en-suite was created with extra space for storage.

Nature style bathroom

Adding plants will make your bathroom look nice, but they can help to reduce asthma symptoms and eliminate odors. Plants make the rooms look better by adding freshness and excitement. Plants have both air-purifying and decorative qualities. These toilets look good in the bathroom.

Adding flower pots and planters to an outdoor space is a great way to make it look better. Plants can be placed in a number of places, including on the sink, in the shower, or in cabinets. A small stool or table can be placed in the corner of the bathroom to display a plant.

Play with tile, textures, and patterns

A very popular way to give a new look to a bathroom is to use different colored and patterned tiles. While most designers advocate for light and neutral colors, dark and bold colored tiles are also trending these days. Dark and bold tile designs with patterns and textures are also popular right now.

The dark tile floors of the bathroom make the room appear larger. Brightly colored patterns can be used on tiles. Adding more space by using different types of floor tiles in different patterns is a great way to do this. You can use tile shapes such as non-geometric tile shapes.

In addition to being a very important part of your home, bathroom tile is also an important part of your bathroom décor. You can select from a variety of textures and patterns to suit your own style. It may be nice to match your flooring to the style of wall tile, but it’s not necessary.

Wallpaper in a 4-room BTO bathroom? why not!

You can use any material you want to line the walls of your BTO bathroom. To reduce grouting, the walls of the bathrooms were lined with water-resistant wallpaper instead of tiles. It’s a thrilling move but it makes for a stunning spectacle.  With 9Creation expert employee, we will help you pick the safest and best wallpaper for your bathroom without you having to worry.

Half-painted 4-room BTO bathroom walls

Wallpaper is not your thing? Well, why not plaster over the existing wall tiles and paint them instead? That way you’ll save some money and your bathroom will feel just as special. 

At 9Creation we provide several solutions for clients who do not like certain types of design. We create the best out of our client’s ideas and make them better. 

Don’t forget your bathroom lighting

Bathrooms need to have lighting. You can light up the space, add more ambiance and make a statement about your style and taste by adding a nice light fixture to your bathroom. The bathroom is a room that enhances the style and elegance of the home when it is properly designed and used together with the other elements of the house.

To get the right look, you need all the light that’s available. Which types of lights are best, how to choose the right fixture for your home, and how to position the lights. There are skylights that add visual elegance to any bathroom.

A simple change can make a big difference in the appearance of a bathroom. Adding light fixtures to your bathroom can change the vibe and make it feel more inviting. You don’t have a lot of money, but you still want to make a big improvement in the bathroom. If you want to completely change the bathroom interior, you can choose to add some lighting.

Use pebbled flooring

To create a more spa-like atmosphere in your master bathroom, install pebbles around your shower, tub, and other wet areas. The most relaxing bathrooms have always been those with a large and inviting shower.

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Having a professional interior design service, such as 9Creation, can create your home listing to be one of the best investments you make in getting more buyers into your home including your 4-room BTO bathroom. To smoothen your renovation process, 9Creation offers a variety of 4-room BTO renovation cost and 4-room BTO renovation packages. By creating an interior design and a 3D representation of your home, you’ll get the best visualization of your long-last investment before making the biggest decision of your life. Get yours too with 9Creation here.



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