Build-To-Order Renovation Package

If you plan on moving into your BTO flat and would like your flat to be specially renovated, we can help. At 9 Creation, we offer a specialized BTO renovation package in Singapore, which is specially designed for those who are moving into their new flats. We know that moving into your new flat for the first time is extremely exciting. So, why not give your new flat that personal touch with the help of our specialized services. Our team can complete the work for you before you even move in, allowing you to have your very own personalized flat to move in to. BTO Renovation Package

We can renovate every room for you no matter how large or small, offering you a range of pre-made designs or working with you directly to help you create a fully tailored design for your new flat. No matter what design you are thinking of, our team of experts can help you bring your design to life. With a wide range of experience, alongside state of the art technology, we can help you make your dream design a reality. We make use of 3D designs to provide you with an understanding of how each design will work, from the choice of walls and flooring to the individual pieces of furniture and where they will be placed in a particular room. Once you are happy with the layout we have chosen, our team of experts will bring your project to life.

From the very onset of the work, our team will ensure complete perfection. Each aspect of the BTO Interior design is completed to the millimetre (mm), ensuring that nothing appears out of place or of a lower quality. We always make use of the highest quality materials based on the budget that you provide us with. We understand that some materials may not be accessible based on a certain budget which is why we tailor our materials based on what you can afford. No matter your budget range, our team will use the highest quality materials, ensuring that we choose materials that are applicable to the BTO interior design and use of the room.

When Can We Start?

BTO Renovation Singapore PackageOur BTO interior design service can be completed both before or after your home has already been constructed. In general, we advise that the work is completed before you move into your new flat. This is best as it allows our team to complete the work without creating any hassle to your daily routine. To further this, our team can ensure that each and every room is designed to perfection before you move in. Once we have finished, we will thoroughly clean each room for you, ensuring that it is left exactly how you envisioned it. After you have moved in, we will check up on you two weeks after the work is completed to make sure that you are nothing less than satisfied. Contact us today and discover how our BTO renovation package and BTO Interior Design can help you bring your dream flat design to life.