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9 Interior Design Ideas to Create the Perfect Space for Your Condo

Condo living spaces are often cramped. There are only so many rooms to decorate, so you need to know how to pick the best items to bring into your condo and make it feel more spacious. Interior design is one of the best ways to change up your living space without spending a lot of money. As we all know, living spaces are much more than a house or apartment; they’re a place to relax and unwind. The interior design of your condo will impact your mood, stress level, and even your ability to sleep soundly at night. If you’re looking to upgrade your condo, take a look at these great condo interior design ideas. They’ll help you get that fresh feel you’re looking for.

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Scandinavian Condo Interior Design

This is one of our favorite condo interior design ideas because it strikes the perfect balance between a laid-back rural atmosphere and a stark Scandinavian appeal. You will adore every room in this apartment, from the fuss-free foyer that sets the tone for the rest of the interior design to the living room’s Boho-chic feel. 


This condo interior design in Singapore has some gorgeous elements, including the cozy Bohemian seating in the living room and the American country-styled touches in the kitchen. We also adore the designer Wanting’s use of smart lighting because they are useful and reasonably priced.

Minimalist Condo Interior Design 

The basic design of this condo tends to catch everyone’s attention right away. The iconic mid-century modern objects serve as the basis for this apartment design concept. This condo has a relaxing neutral color scheme throughout, making the lighting fixtures the natural center of attention in each space. 

The marble floors in this condo not only provide elegance but also act as a reflected surface that expands the room. The furniture is absolutely inspiring because it’s a mix of modern and antique pieces that sit harmoniously side by side in every area.

White and Wood Modern Condo Interior Design

With its cozy wooden furnishings and striking white accents, this condo’s interior design reminds one of a piece of India in Singapore. The couple who was staying here desired to maintain their roots. As a result, they intended to incorporate their current wooden furniture into the interior design of the new condo. 

They wanted spacious and welcoming condo design ideas, but their designer advised against using dark colors because the solid wood furniture would stand out so much more against the white walls. This house also boasts numerous artworks and traditional furnishings with complex designs in every crevice.

Unique and Luxurious Condo Interior Design

Look out for this one if you’re looking for condo design ideas that can assist you get praises from visitors for being ultra-chic and opulent. The design emphasizes soft components and high-end finishes for an opulent appearance. Every space in this condo’s interior has an own design language and eye-catching features, and the common areas have been created with entertainment in mind. 

Two elements of the apartment that we adore are the rooftop sitout and the modern chandeliers that hang in the communal spaces. Don’t overlook the large walk-in closet in the main bedroom either.

Compact Condo Interior Design 

The interior design of condos with integrated, automated smart technology is growing in popularity. This property not only does that, but it also has a ton of resort-style interior design concepts

We adore the furniture pieces in the dining and living rooms that double as both sitting and storage. The kitchen is crammed with storage as well, according to the designer. This living room has a modern appearance thanks to the use of glossy off whites, greys, and beige colors along with brass and gold accents.

Warmth with Wooden Accents Condo Interior Design

This condo unit combines a practical viewpoint with old world beauty. It’s a creative condo interior design concept that envelops the entire residence in the coziness of its wooden accents, making the house’s owner feel at home. The artworks and wood-like flooring have brought a breath of new air to the decor of this condo. 

The show-stopping furniture is of the highest caliber. It combines perfectly to create a continuous color scheme with the moss green walls and old furnishings. The designer’s choice of vinyl flooring maintains the same style. Also take note of the sideboard cabinet in the dining room, which has both storage and display space.


Hotel-Themed Condo Interior Design

The residents were keen to restore their private apartment, which had been rented out for the previous ten years, and the wear and tear was clearly noticeable. They were searching for creative condo renovation ideas as a result. Although this condo appears pricey, it has some incredible architectural tricks. Black will be used wisely, as you shall see. Throughout this condo, glossy surfaces have been paired with it. Another creative design technique you may learn from this condo’s interior is to use mirrors often.

The fact that this property was refurbished with hotels in mind gives the room an opulent appearance. You won’t believe the surfaces here, which seem like marble, are actually glossy laminate panels. We really adore the couple’s personalized home office that our designer Noel made for them!

Japanese and Minimalist Condo Interior Design

Are you a fan of the Japanese way of life? Three words that come to mind when we think about Japanese interior design are quiet, uncluttered, and minimal. Therefore, you must visit this house if you’re looking for Japanese condo interior design inspiration! This condo interior in Singapore was intended to be filled with cozy wood and organic materials like stone. The couple living here had to travel frequently for work, so it had to be low maintenance as well. 

One thing to watch out for is the fusion of designs that creates the ideal balance of form and function. Check out the tastefully decorated balconies, the plain, neutral walls, and the furniture in simple Japanese style.

Space-Saving Condo Interior Design

It’s not about downsizing and having the barest minimum of decor in a modern, minimal home. In particular for a small condo interior design like this, it can also be about making effective use of the space without giving the impression of clutter. We have only done this for the two sisters who share this incredibly little condo. 

This Singaporean property offers some original condo interior design inspiration. Both bedrooms include oak wood platform beds with lots of storage that have attached study cabinets that free up a lot of space. Don’t forget to notice the well chosen shades and drapes in both rooms.


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