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Unlock the Magic of Contemporary House Design in Singapore

Wondering how to craft a chic living room in Singapore, whether it’s morning or evening? Apartments vary in size, ranging from 2 to 5 rooms, but your living room’s potential is limitless, regardless of space constraints.


Living room renovations are no walk in the park, but they’re worth the effort. The process involves everything from demolition planning to furniture installation. While interior renovations are essential, maintaining your space’s condition before renovating is equally crucial. Some even consider building anew rather than renovating the old.

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How To design a contemporary living room?

So, how can you design a contemporary living room that’s truly yours? Let’s explore some insightful tips for your living room’s interior, walls, and floors:

Make a Statement with a Feature Wall

Elevate the allure of your living or office space with a captivating feature wall. Explore interior decorating ideas by:

  • Showcasing your collectibles
  • Incorporating striking wallpaper
  • Displaying your portraits or artwork
  • Optimize Space with Hidden Storage

Efficiently use your living room’s space by introducing hidden storage solutions. It not only keeps your belongings neatly tucked away but also adds to the aesthetic appeal.

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Employ Room Dividers

For a seamless blend of privacy and décor in your living area, consider using room dividers. Install a sleek, reflective divider between the living room and the bedroom to create an open, expansive feel.

Floating Shelves for Added Style

Enhance your home’s aesthetic with floating shelves. They offer both functionality and a polished look, allowing you to display photo frames and books while maintaining a clean appearance.

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Elevate Décor with Rugs and Carpets

Complete the room’s look by incorporating rugs and carpets. Choose different sizes and materials to match the desired ambiance:

  • Opt for faux fur for a soft, neutral setting
  • Select a brighter material for a warm-colored space
  • Choose a rug that complements a predominantly dark color scheme
  • Add Texture and Patterns

Personalize your living room by introducing various textures, patterns, and materials. Experiment with wall coverings, throw pillows, and rugs to create a captivating and unique atmosphere.

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Set the Mood with Thoughtful Lighting

Lighting is a crucial factor in setting the mood of your living room. Ensure that the lighting scheme aligns with the activities taking place in the space. To enhance contrast and create a well-balanced look, consider cove lighting.

Discover the perfect design for your living room by exploring online room design tools. Take the first step towards a more inviting atmosphere with well-planned room lighting.

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Maximize Your Contemporary Living Room with 9Creation!

To achieve a contemporary house design in Singapore, collaborate with experienced and licensed interior designers. At 9Creation, we’re dedicated to the Science of Design and equipped with the tools to bring your vision to life. Explore our 3D room design app to visualize your chosen designs. Contact us at 6295 0922 or visit our showroom to embark on your design journey today.

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