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Maximalism Living Room

8 Design Architecture Renovation Ideas You Should Know

Singapore is a city-state located off Southeast Asia’s main landmass. There’s been a fascinating history of immigration, trade, and development that shaped this city’s distinctive architecture. Singapore has been undergoing changes for over 20 years now, and will continue to do so for the next 20 years.

The architecture of Singapore is being strengthened by creating many iconic landmarks, such as Gardens by the Bay, to show our country’s culture and identity and attract more tourists and investment.

Learn about the most common modern architectural styles used in today’s buildings. Home design is often a collaborative process between the architect and the owner, and this guide will help you navigate the process with a clear set of steps to follow.

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Tudor Style

When you look at a photo of the original Tudor House photo, there’s no mistaking the distinctively black-and-white façade. In the US, “Tudor Style” means the style of architecture popular in England during the reign of King Henry VIII.

Tudor houses originated in the UK, and they were usually half-timbered. They were built using a wooden frame filled with wattle and daub. The ‘daub’ (a mixture of clay, sand, and dung) was then whitewashed – this made the houses its distinctive black and white appearance for their home design archtecture. You should build the floor from cedar to last for years.

Colonial house style

Colonial-style architecture comes in many different variations because it borrows from the settlers that came to the United States from all over Europe.

The most common and well-known American house style is the colonial, characterized by wide eaves, steep roofs, and tall white chimneys. These colonial houses were built mainly by different types of settlers who came to the New World from all over, from Spain and France, the Netherlands and Britain, to name just a few.

Cape cod architecture design

The most iconic style of houses in America is the Cape Cod Style. It’s all about simplicity, practicality, and symmetry. Many people believe it to be the most aesthetically pleasing of all house styles. This is a typical house style among British colonists, particularly those in East Africa. These houses often have high ceilings and deep eaves.

  • One or one-and-a-half-story design (the extra half story was a later addition);
  • Small porch – sometimes none at all;
  • Pitched dormer windows set into roofline;
  • Central chimney;
  • Medium-pitched gabled roof;
  • Projecting roofline extending the width of the house;
  • Strong symmetry;
  • Sash or multi-paned windows on either side of the front door;
  • Use local materials, often timber weatherboarding, shingle, slate, or stone.

Georgian architecture design

Georgian is one of the most recognizable house styles and is often imitated. Its simplicity and elegance are appealing, and with a bit of study, you’ll be able to recreate the look. In the UK, Georgian houses are often easily recognized by several defining features, including:

  • Tall sash windows with lots of smaller panes – fan and arched designs were standard too;
  • The odd bricked-up window (this was due to a window tax that came into force between 1696 and 1851);
  • Multiple stories – often three to four stories;
  • Symmetrical exterior;
  • Smaller windows to the third or fourth story – which would have been servants’ quarters in grander houses;
  • Stucco-fronted often painted white. Brick was also widely used – sometimes for the entire house or sometimes just on the upper stories;
  • Classical elements such as columns, porticos, and pediments;
  • Paired chimneys on either side of the house;
  • Hipped roof – often partially hidden by a parapet wall;
  • Usually accessed by steps over a basement or cellar (in which the kitchen and service areas would have been housed).

Maximalism Living Room

Victorian house style

Victorian-style architecture is pervasive in the US and the UK. It’s a style that was influenced by several types over a long period, bringing together a range of revival styles.

Victorian architecture in the US consists of many styles, including Beaux-Arts, Queen Anne, Federalist, and Greek. Many houses, such as Second Empire, Stick-Eastlake, Folk Victorian, Queen Anne, and Richardson Romanes. Gothic Revival and Italianate-style dwellings were also built in the U.S.

A popular design element in Victorian architecture is its many different styles. Although there are certain features that every house built during the era in both the United States and the United Kingdom tend to have in common, such as:

  • Patterned or colored brickwork (bricks were often laid in a Flemish Brick bond, where headers and stretchers are alternated);
  • High pitched roofs;
  • The front door to one side of the façade rather than central;
  • Carved or decorative timber bargeboards;
  • Ornate roof details, such as finials or carved ornaments;
  • Slate roofs were standard, although ornate clay tile was also used in some areas;
  • Porches – porches were a sign of status, so the more elaborate, the better;
  • Sash and bay windows;
  • Date stones (often above the front door);
  • Arched windows and stained glass on more elaborate homes.

Art deco house style 

This is the type of bold and easy-to-recognize house style. There are specific characteristics to look for when choosing a product from a particular manufacturer. Look for:

  • Sleek, linear, horizontal and rectangular, and well-defined lines;
  • A stepped outline, where walls are gradually set back from one another;
  • Stucco, concrete, glass externally;
  • Exotic and classical motifs – lookout for the iconic sunburst or sunrise motif;
  • Flat roofs with parapets;
  • Windows in continuous bands – often wrapping or curving around the sides of a house;
  • Metal frames and glazing bars for windows were popular;
  • Curved walls combined with straight forms;
  • Balconies were not uncommon – making use of flat roofs;
  • Geometric elements.

Mediterranean revival architecture design

Mediterranean Revival architecture borrows distinctive elements from Renaissance architecture in Spain and Italy, first introduced into America during the colonial period. The features of this home include a spacious floor plan, white stucco walls, red tiled roofs, arched windows, balconies, and a large living room.

Gardens filled with tropical plants surround these structures. In the 1920s and 30s, Mediterranean Revival gained popularity as hotels in Florida and California tried to recreate the grandeur of European seaside villas, trying to bring an impression of sophisticated luxury to their newly developing coast. Over the years, the style has been popular for home construction.

Craftsman architecture design

The Craftsman style is very distinctive in American architecture. Influenced by Britain’s Arts and Crafts movement, Boston architects and interior designers formed an association to promote principles. The Industrial Revolution, ornate Victorian aesthetic and preference for simplicity in design led to the Craftsman style. They wanted to make it easier for Americans to buy houses. In cities in the west, the style was very popular.

The Craftsman design style projects clean lines, symmetry, and sturdiness. Its unique features include low-pitched roofs, deep eaves, overhanging front porches, exposed rafters, wide windows, and natural materials like wood and stone. The design features include a low ceiling, built-in cabinets, open floor plans, and, ideally, share pieces by designers like Gustav Stickley.

What does an architectural designer do?

An architectural designer participates in the design process from the idea phase to building or landscape completion.

They also produce models and renderings to show designers and other design team members and meet with clients to discuss ideas, needs, and the project’s budget.

Their job might also include budgeting, estimating project costs, preparing scaled drawings, preparing and managing construction contracts, and visiting construction sites to check that construction is consistent with the design plans.

Architects can work a lot of hours to meet their deadlines.

How much does an architect cost in Singapore?

Due to current regulations, you can’t purchase land in Singapore and start from scratch. Depending on how big the house is and what type of design it is, you can get over $1 million for a building. If they are going to manage the entire project for you, most architects charge between 5% and 10% of the total project cost.

Where can I find good architects?

The internet is a good place to find trustworthy names. Some of the main architectural firms in Singapore are DPA, RSP, CPG, and Architects 61. A good architect can be found through referrals. One of them is us, 9creation.

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