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How To Design An Eco-Friendly Home For HDB Singapore?

You can go green in many ways – you can use a reusable bag and reusable cutlery, or recycle more, use less water, and so on.

There are also smaller things, like recycling, reusing items and being more environmentally friendly. These ideas will make a difference to the environment, and they are good for your pocketbook, too.

In this guide, we walk you through how to plan and decorate your eco-friendly home, including tips for planning and decorating your home and lower-effort ways to make it more beautiful and useful without any renovations involved. Read on to find out more!

The design and planning of an eco-friendly house

If you want to make your home more eco-friendly, start by planning a home renovation that makes sense for the environment. Read these tips to get a head start.

  • Design for the best cross-ventilation.

  • A timeless aesthetic is what you should go for.

  • Solar panels should be installed for landed homes.

Design for maximum airflow: The home should be designed to encourage airflow. Any house should have at least one window to let fresh air into the house. This keeps your house cool without the use of air conditioning, a huge electricity guzzler.

Timeless aesthetic: It’s tempting to incorporate trendy elements into your home, but this will make your home look outdated in a few years. If you want to avoid the need to redecorate, you should stick with a classic aesthetic.

Solar panels: If you live in a house or condo with little or no space on the roof, consider installing solar panels. It is possible to rely on solar energy to power your entire house if you install solar panels that cost between $10,000 and $50,000.

Creating an eco-friendly home

Are you going to redo your home? There are a lot of things to consider for an eco-friendly approach.

  • Use sustainable materials
  • Use green-certified materials
  • Use “energy-saving” windows

Sustainable materials

Some people are concerned about buying clothes made from synthetic or plastic fabrics. Instead of choosing synthetic materials such as plastic, glass, and metal, opt for wooden, wool, natural stone, or bamboo, which is natural and recyle able. Choose a flooring option that has recycled materials.

Green-certified materials

Low levels of toxic substances can be found in some materials. The Singapore Green Building Council has certifications for many building materials. Good health is not necessary to save the environment. The book will teach you how to live a healthier life by choosing products that are free of hazardous ingredients.

Energy-saving windows

Not all windows are the same. Some windows (such as double-glazed windows) are energy saving, and help reduce your carbon footprint. Double-glazed windows are an excellent way to insulate your home and make it cooler when the air-conditioning is on.

There are additional tips for creating an Eco-friendly home

Do you not want to change your home, or move soon? There are some low-effort things you can do that can still make a difference.

Purchasing appliances

Energy and Water Efficiency labels can be found on air conditioners, fridges, and water heaters. The labels help consumers choose which appliance will work best in their homes. Use a new air conditioner that has 5 ticks on it’s energy efficiency label. An air conditioner with just 2 ticks is a better investment.

And efficient appliances aren’t only good for the environment — they also help you save money

LED lighting

If you’re not already using LED lights, go ahead and replace your lights ASAP. These light bulbs are toxin-free, and they’re 80% more energy efficient as compared to traditional fluorescent and incandescent lights. They also last up to 10 times longer than traditional lighting, meaning you’ll have to change your lightbulbs less frequently.

Buying secondhand

Replacing your old halogen lights with energy-saving LEDs is a good idea. Toxin-free, and they use about 80% less electricity than traditional fluorescent and incandescent lights. Compact fluorescent lights are great because they last up to 10 times longer than traditional bulbs, saving you money and eliminating the need to replace your lights every few months.

Buying local

It is commonplace for homeowners to ship most of their furniture from China. It is much more eco-friendly to buy local instead of using transportation.


You can always upcycle and breathe new life into whatever materials you already have. If you’ve got an old shed, you can reuse the pallets and transform them into a herb garden or a side table.


House plants are very popular these days, for a good reason. Plants help with keeping the temperature in the house cool.


Minimalism and sustainability go hand-in-hand. You’ll want to remove distractions such as excessive possessions and focus on what’s important to you in life. The concept of minimalism is certainly not for everyone, but if you have the ability to adopt a minimalist approach, you’ll definitely get more value from less resources, including less paper.

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