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5 Important Feng shui Rules for Your Bedroom

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in your home because it represents and is your personal space.

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend in your bed?  When you’re sleeping or resting, you’re usually in bed. You are vulnerable to the energy around you when you are sleeping, so sleep in a place where you feel safe and a site that brings good energy. Your bed placement affects your state of mind in your conscious and unconscious states.

Your bedroom is for you. Any changes you make to your bedroom will affect you the most.

Here are 5 rules to feng shui in your bedroom:

Don’t position your bed in line with the door

Your bedroom should be positioned to the east, where the sun rises. A room facing south will bring more natural light into your life.  When your bed is positioned in line with the door, it is called the “dead man’s position,” The feet or head faces the door and looks like a dead man being carried through an open door. 

A Chi lives in the spaces between things. So if you’re trying to get into your home without waking up the neighbors, it’s good to know that you live in the middle of the house. That makes you feel secure when you sleep. Not worried and feel vulnerable. If you want to improve the feel of your bed, a footboard is an inexpensive way to do it.

It’s not ideal to have footboards that are not ideal. If you don’t have enough room for a single mattress, you might be trapped by the bed. Even though you don’t like everything about it, take pleasure in the small details and the beauty of a home that’s your own. To get more restful sleep, you can try adding a screen to the door or placing a chest filled with heavy blankets on your bed. 

Don’t put your bed under these things

It’s a good feng shui bed placement to place your bed away from the sloping ceiling when you sleep. The mattress should not be positioned near the fan, chandelier, or pendant light. All this creates pressure. The room’s energy is cut off by the presence of the bed under the beam. You are not the only one who has trouble sleeping when the painting is high above the bed.

When using the feng shui command position, you should be able to see the entrance to the room, even if you are not standing directly at the entrance. Because of this, you should not place a bed along a wall adjacent to the front door or the entryway. You may also ask where to put a bed in a room with windows feng shui? Well, the answer is that you should choose the bed that offers the best support and doesn’t go in front of a window.

Create space on both sides of the bed

On the other side of the bed is the best place to put space for adults. You should make sure that each side of the door is at least 18 inches wide. It’s not a good idea to put one side of your bed against the wall. However, it’s good for kids to have a bed against the wall. It gives them some additional support.

It’s always essential to have space on both sides of your body so that your yin and yang balance each other out. Suppose you can have room on the wall to put your bed so that you don’t have to climb over it to get to the other side. You can also put a mirror up next to the bed so that the person in the bed can see their reflection. This expands the view of energetically.

Declutter your bedroom

Detoxifying is very important. You want to remove as many chemicals and toxins from your room as possible and replace them with organic elements. Making your home cleaner, greener, and healthier is a significant first step. You don’t want to wear organic products because the toxins and gases leak into your skin. In a room infused with the sweet scent of orange oil, it’s easy to feel a little happier and more energetic.

One of the biggest obstacles to success is cluttered. Start by going through your closet and under your bed, then work your way up from there. You will learn how to get rid of all of the stress, tension, and chaos in your mind. The bedroom is a good starting point for your home improvement project. Clear space under the bed is considered the best-case scenario in terms of fecundity. You would like it to flow without restriction. Don’t put anything under your bed if you fail.


Feng shui bedroom color

Different colors have the same meanings. It depends on what you want to do in the bedroom. Light neutral colors feng shui bedroom colors for sleep to help support and relax. If you’re going to attract a partner, pinks and peaches are the way to go. Blues and greens promote health.

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