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The Ultimate Guides in Using Glass Door To Beautify Your House

Glass doors generally look clean and elegant. A glass door is also a very trendy choice in today’s interiors, and it comes in different styles and colours that depend on the overall interior style of

Pros of using glass door

Overall Visual Appeal

The aesthetic appeal of glass door installations is one of the top reasons why homeowners choose them. Some people think that having glass-fronted doors makes their space look stylish and elegant, while others don’t like it. The shapes and designs available can be used in any room.

Natural lighting

If you want to have your living or sleeping room lightened by natural light, you should have a folding glass door installed. You’ll save money on electricity bills because you won’t need to spend much on artificial lighting


Glass doors are more flexible than regular doors, too. You can get them installed with a wide range of types of glass. They come in their shapes and colours. Frosted glass doors are suitable for office decor. They are most often used in offices that need to have little privacy. It makes glass doors more personalised compared to wooden doors.

Cons of using a glass door


Most glass doors are transparent, so you may think that they will provide little or no privacy when they are installed. How to prevent this from happening? You can avoid it by choosing a frosted glass door in Singapore that is made transparent. 


Glass, by its very nature, tends to be fragile and more prone to breakage and damage. You can solve this problem by using tempered glass for your glass door.

3 types of glass door

Swing glass door

Hinged doors, also called swing doors, are usually large glass panels that slide in and out of an opening.

Fold glass door

Bi-fold doors are usually two (sometimes more) pieces of glass panels attached vertically by a set of hinges. 

Slide glass door

A sliding door is a door made up of two or more panels that slide relative to each other to provide access to an enclosed area. A standard glass sliding door installation will include a top and bottom track to guide the sliding movement of the glass panels.

Pivot glass door

Pivots have hinges mounted at the top and bottom of the door. You can say that the door is both inside and outside if it is both when the door is open and closed. If a door swings both ways, it’s a double-pivoting door.

Stack glass door

There are multiple panels behind a fixed commission or structural element. Two or more panels slide behind one another. Each panel is interlocked, causing it to slide.

French glass door

French doors are essentially a pair of single-hinged doors that are opened away from each other. Today, there are no restrictions. The only rule is that the building must be unique. They are the perfect way to transition from one room to another.

Types of glass used in glass doors

These types of glass give you options to use glass doors for different purposes such as for kitchen glass door Singapore, toilet glass door Singapore, and many more.

  1. Insulated Glass: If you’re concerned about protection from winter weather, an insulated glass unit will serve your purposes. Sealing two or more glass sheets together and filling the spaces with gas is a great way to produce insulating glass.
  2. Textured Glass: A stylish glass that’s easy to install and effective. Textured or non-frosted glasses come in a variety of different types.
  3. Clear Glass: The privacy factor and the layout of the property are some factors that affect this type of glass. Continuous glass doors will make your house warmer and give you more sunlight in your home. Fresh air will flow into your rooms, providing more natural light in your house.
  4. Tinted Glass: The glass doors are unique. The doors are made from a mixture of metal oxides. It reduces the heat in the sun. These types of sunglasses can protect against harmful UV rays. In the winter, the external doors of houses and offices are great. It is available in a variety of shades.
  5. Stained Glass: The glass is secured by copper foil. It comes in a variety of colours. It adds a vintage look to the exterior doors.
  6. Laminated Glass:This glass behaves like ordinary safety glass, but it reacts very differently to toughened glass. The glass has two layers of polyvinyl and is used in optical devices. The inner polyvinyl layer can keep the glass layers glued together even when broken.
  1. Coloured Glass:If you want to brighten up the entrance of your house with shades of colour, then you can use a colour glass scheme to do it. With its superior quality and durability, it’s a good investment for the outdoor areas of your home.
  1. Reflective Glass: The glass is strong enough to keep a room private. It gives you a sense of comfort and allows you to see the world outside. The reverse effect is when the exterior light illuminates the interior. It is the most common type of glass used in modern buildings.
  2. Frosted Glass: A frosted glass is frosted due to small crystals of silica that can be removed by using an acidic solution. The design on the glass’s surface can be frosted, acid-etched, or frosted. During the Victorian era, making the door and windows have a regal look was practised.

Ways of using glass doors for your home with 9Creation

It doesn’t matter what kind of glass door you choose for your home. Whether installing this door in a high traffic area or more private space, or you just want to do a little sprucing up, a new entry is a great choice. Your entry must be sturdy to withstand impact from people hitting it.

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It’s easy to get confused when planning a glassdoor Singapore, but not to worry. It can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. With 9Creation, we ensure that you get the glass door for your needs to enhance your interior look. What are you waiting for? Call us at +6295 0922 for more information.





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