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4 Things You Need To Know About Granite Kitchen Top

It’s important to choose the proper granite kitchen top Singapore material for your kitchen. You need to pick a material that is both practical and attractive. Granite is a naturally occurring material produced from the cooling of magma and is constructed from within the earth’s core.

Granite has historically been costly, but it has become quite affordable in recent years, contributing to an overall increase in the popularity of granite. Marble, granite, and engineered stone countertops are the most popular choices for high-end kitchens, but they’re also quite affordable.

Which granite is best for the kitchen?

Granite is made from minerals and rocks that are of different colors. Granite has unique colors and patterns due to the minerals in it. The concentration of the minerals in the stone affects the stone’s color.

Granite has a white granite kitchen top or off-white shade, biotite gives a light brown or metallic golden color, amphibole gives a yellow or bluish color, and pinky-orange or metallic pink are typical colors of unique minerals. Black and white granite, red granite, blue granite, and green granite are the colors given by the combination of these minerals.

Black and gray, black and white, and white granite are the most common types in kitchens. Some kitchens have dark granite in them.

Things you should consider when choosing granite for your kitchen:

  • Your overall cabinet colors, floor selection, and fixtures.
  • How much do you want to clean and polish your countertops – black granite often shows more specks of food and streaks than white.
  • The grade of the granite, because a higher rate will result in minor damage than a lower grade.

Is granite a good choice for kitchen countertops?


There are many different types of natural stone for use in home remodeling projects. This type of countertop comes in many different granite kitchen top color and designs, making it different than other countertop options. Because of the variety of colors, it’s easier to match a countertop to your home decor. Granite isn’t your typical countertop material. It offers many benefits to home and kitchen enthusiasts, as well as to homeowners.

Granite is usually more durable than marble. Granite is a type of rock that has been forged deep underground. Granite countertops are very durable and don’t get dents or scratches. They look a bit more expensive than marble. The sturdy design makes it a good fit for the kitchen, which is often subject to wear and tear.

Granite countertops are sturdy and can last a very long time, making them attractive for homeowners. With minimal care and some essential maintenance, these kitchen counters should last for the life of the house.

Granite countertops are typically sold at the highest end of the price spectrum. When homeowners select this material, they usually view it as an investment, not an expense. This type of countertop material increases the overall value, which makes it more desirable to potential homebuyers.


Granite countertops are both beautiful and easy to care for. It’s important to keep the sub-surface concrete from getting wet with the help of Countertop Sealants. Granite countertops can be porous. If they don’t seal themselves well, liquids such as wine, juice, and oil can quickly get through, creating stains that might be impossible.

Many countertops will need to be resealed yearly, even though some treated granite can go for 10 years without being sealed. It will take a long time for granite countertops to show signs of staining if this is not taken care of.

A heavy object dropped on a corner might crack or chip the granite. Under the right circumstances, it can happen. Granite countertop prices are very high; the final caution. The average price for a square foot countertop is between $100 and $250.

How much is granite countertops in Singapore Cost?

The cost will always be one of the most important considerations when choosing a material. Granite tends to perform better than other materials in the cost department.

Van Gogh Granite, the most exotic material in the world, is a scarce category of Granite. It costs tens of thousands of dollars for a single natural stone slab to look like his famous painting.

Granite and marble cost between $55 and $175 per ft run. The countertops have been on the cards for a long time. These accountants are sought after by wealthy owners who want to add beauty to their homes. Granite and marble are more expensive than other meters because they are quarried naturally.

terrazzo kitchen
terrazzo kitchen

How long do granite countertops last? 

Granite countertops are durable and beautiful to use in your kitchen. Granite is a natural substance that has already been on the earth for millions of years.

The longer granite countertops last, the better they will look throughout this time. If you don’t have the proper sealant on your countertops or if it wears off, the granite will start to absorb stains. If it isn’t adequately sealed, granite will absorb wine, oil, juice, and other substances. This could lead to a stain that is hard to remove. If your countertops have a poorly applied sealant, they are more likely to harbor bacteria.

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