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15 Ideas to Refurbish Your HDB Bathroom Design

Are you tired of your old HDB bathroom? Do you need HDB bathroom renovation ideas? 

One thing that can make or break home is the bathroom. But even with the best intentions, your bathroom can sometimes look very old and outdated.

If you have a bathroom that looks too old and outdated, it can make you feel sad and depressed. So if you don’t want to live in a bathroom that looks old and outdated, you may be better off remodeling your bathroom rather than living with it.

In this article, I’m going to provide you with 6 HDB bathroom ideas that will help you create a new and refreshing bathroom design.

So if you want to refresh your bathroom design, then read on…

Try a Mid-Century modern style bathroom

The mid-century modern style is an eclectic collection of vintage pieces, adding a class touch to a room. It will give a modern, clean look to your bathroom. This is the interior design style of the future. With a few decorative accents, you can personalize this style in many different ways, and it’s easy to do so because it’s very flexible.

The mid-century modern home is a classic and timeless design and is aesthetically pleasing and economical. You can make it both functional and beautiful. The Mid-Century Modern style is known for its simplicity, but it doesn’t mean that many embellishments exist. The focus is placed on balance and function. Distinct traits of this design style are an open floor plan, where space is made for movement, and mobility is encouraged.

A sliding door bathroom is especially useful for smaller homes with limited space, like HDBs and Condos. It creates an open-layout bathroom interior that appears larger than it is. It allows different parts of your home to harmonize so that they’re visually consistent, which helps to make the whole house more welcoming.

Be careful with the colours and shades you select for your nails because you can lose the look if you choose fewer colours. Using off-white and peach colours for your living room furniture creates a warm ambience. Subway tiling with simple geometric outlines is a popular choice for kitchens. It goes well with wooden cabinetry for a stylish kitchen.

Keep things a little more subdued with your preferred colour palettes in mind. Be more relaxed with your choices, as you might lose the style. Choosing off-white and peach shades of paint, combined with wooden flooring, will give your home a mid-century vibe, complementing the vintage feeling. You can use subway tile as an accent on your kitchen’s backsplash.

Industrial bathroom for a more modern look

Have you ever seen HDB sewage pipes in the bathroom? They can make or break your bathroom dream. Clever planning and even painting will solve your problem if they still need to be removed. If you’d like your bathroom to have an industrial design, you can incorporate the design into your bathroom. If your bathroom is a little old and you have exposed pipes showing up on the walls, then an Industrial Design theme is perfect for you.

If you want to put an Industrial Design into your bathroom, you’ll need to take a lot of care when choosing the colours for the tile. If your bathroom is a little old and your plumbing is exposed in many places, you’ll want to have it updated.

Install new faucets and toilets and add metallic lighting, modern sinks, and light fixtures. The finished result will have a polished industrial look, and the look will be modern. In this bathroom, the design style has been retained in the following bathroom of an HDB maisonette interior design project renovated by us. This black-coloured bathroom is a great way to transform your space from boring to stylish and practical. Recessed lighting under the cabinet will make your kitchen appear trendy and contemporary.

Master bathroom 2

Use freestanding bathtubs

For a touch of luxury and style to any bathroom, consider choosing a freestanding bathtub. These small but powerful massage robots are an ideal addition to any bathroom for relaxing, especially if you have a bigger bathroom. They fit into any bathroom and are easy to move around as needed.

The traditional shape of the bathtub can be of any shape. Choose a tub shape that matches your interior design if you want to complement your bathroom style. It can add an extra touch of sophistication to a bathroom. Adding dark-coloured floor tiles or wooden flooring adds a touch of sophistication to the design.

You can use a little stand to hold your shampoo and conditioner bottles or a towel rack to hold your toiletries. Put the finishing touches on this elegant and functional bathroom with a planter on the top.

Use marble tiles for a luxurious bathroom

Marble is one of the most popular materials in interior design. It’s easy to use, durable and looks great in almost any space. Whether you have a luxury or a simple bathroom, there are many ways to use marble. If you want to make your bathroom feel more like a spa, consider using large marble tiles instead of traditional white porcelain ones. If you have a small bathroom, you can even use marble tiles as the entire floor. The options are endless when it comes to marble.

Travertine and stone for your bathroom

Warm tones can be found in the master bathroom thanks to the wall panels and stone-tile floor. The space feels one-of-a-kind thanks to the vintage light fixture and funky collages.

Mirrors with Built-in Storage

Do you think your bathroom floor space is cramped and limited? It’s time to elevate the storage to the wall by installing a mirror with built-in storage to maximise the space. With hidden storage behind the mirror, you can place items like toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrush, or even skincare products from Kelly Oriental. With mirrors with built-in storage, your bathroom with look neat and tidy without small pieces cluttering the space.

Add Mirror Lights

If your bathrooms have small windows which only let in little natural light or one ceiling light, it’s time for you to think about alternatives to avoid your bathroom looking dark, especially at night. As a solution, you can install additional lighting close to the mirrors. For example, lighting above the mirrors. This idea will create a focal point and brighten up your bathroom.

Polka-Dotted Walls and Floors

Now let’s move to the floors and walls. There are a lot of ideas to makeover your bathroom floors and walls. But, Polkadot floors and walls will add fun vibes. Try a simple polka dots style, for instance, black squares on white tiles seem like a unique design for your bathroom interior!

Use wall mounts for your bathroom

In today’s bathrooms, the use of wall-mounted cabinets for all sorts of bathroom elements, such as shower curtains, towel racks, etc., is very popular. These consist of the bathroom, kitchen, cabinetry, and shelving. This element will add style to your home. Mounting the wall sconces will allow you to enjoy more space in your bathroom and make it appear larger.

To make it easier to clean underneath them, you should raise them a little. The incorporation of wall-mounted sinks gives a fresh, clean, and contemporary appearance to the bathroom space, achieving a modern minimalist look.

Common bathroom
Common bathroom

Simple bathroom decoration for a simpler look

It’s all about the small minor details, they can make a whole lot of difference and give an instant elevation to your bathroom space. Adding simple and small decor items will improve the overall look of your bathroom interior. Start with your common toiletries like toothbrush holders, soap dispensers and even cotton pads, transferring them from their original packaging into minimal or aesthetic containers will make the bathroom more polished and put-together. A fun way to incorporate texture and colour is adding an area rug or bathmat on the floor.

Wooden or concrete elements give an earthly appeal to any interior. Avoid using bright or bold coloured accessories or towels if you are unsure. Go for light or neutral colours such as white, beige, or grey. Place small flowerpots or plants on the counters or shelving to bring the outdoors in and give an organic feel to the bathroom space.

Angled Shower

If you want a new look for your bathroom, try replacing the shower’s placement. An angled shower is certainly a unique idea. So, instead of a hinged or regular shower placing, why not tuck your shower into the corner of your bathroom? This idea is indeed profitable, especially when you own a small bathroom.

Install Sliding Door

One thing you can never have enough of is a bathroom. And the small, minor details can make a lot of difference and elevate your bathroom’s space. A bathroom should be a relaxing space where we take time out to rest, so adding small, simple and decorative objects is an important way to make it feel more homely.

Please take a look at your common toiletries, such as toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, and even cotton pads, and transfer them from their original packaging into minimalist or aesthetically pleasing containers to spruce up the bathroom it more polished and put together.

Adding a rug or bathmat to your bathroom makes a statement about your style. A fun way to add texture and colour is by adding a throw rug or rug mat in your bathroom.

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Divide the bathroom for a more privacy

Adding a dividing wall to a larger bathroom will give you more privacy. Making sure neither side skimps on style is the key.

Floor traps in your bathroom

If you’re looking for ways to improve your home’s security and make your property look its best, floor traps and pesky drain covers have had a much-needed facelift over recent years.

Floor traps are getting larger and more sophisticated every year. With increased functionality and timely design upgrades, say hello to beautifully designed floor traps that are visually appealing and functional.

These stylish bathroom floor traps will give your bathroom the desired look and be a smart choice for keeping insects and foul smells out of your bathroom! Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

If you appreciate minimalist design and want to use only a few fixtures in your bathroom, this idea might be for you.

Add Decorative Items

It’s not common to have accessories to decorate your bathrooms. But, this is such a simple HDB toilet design idea if you want to give it a new look. For instance, you can add wall hangings to spice your bathroom up. Another idea is you can install floating shelves and put small plants on them to add an element of natural freshness to the space. Or, you can invest in a good shower curtain or other decorative items that you think will elevate the overall design of your bathroom.

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