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Design Ideas For Your HDB Bedroom

To give you a better idea of what HDB bedroom design is, here’s a short description: HDB bedrooms design are a very popular type of residential interior in Singapore. They were originally built as part of the public housing project of Singapore, which dates back to the early 1950s. Many of the older HDB apartments still retain their original features, such as their high ceilings and walls. Some of the newer HDB apartments have been remodeled to reflect today’s living standards and lifestyles.

5 Practical Tips for Bedroom design HDB

Bed At The Corner

Although some may disagree with me and believe that this layout will limit their options for accessing the beds, I believe that putting your beds in the corner is a great way to maximize your space.

Neutral Colour

Color is always important in interior design and home decor. As a result, it’s much better to go with light and neutral colors when painting your bedrooms to make them appear more spacious!


Inside the bedroom, the intelligent use of mirrors effectively reflects light throughout the space, providing greater exposure and making every inch of your space appear sharper and brighter. More importantly, the use of mirrors helps to give the illusion of a larger room.

Natural Light

The more light you can bring into your bedroom, the bigger it will appear and it’ll be better for your health. I recommend that you install some ornamental lights along the walls in addition to the natural light. This is a terrific technique to generate the illusion of a larger space, especially if your bedroom is long and narrow.

Platform Bed

When decorating your bedroom, think about including a platform. A platform under your mattresses not only helps to keep your bedroom looking neat and tidy, but it also adds usefulness by giving additional hidden storage.

3 Room HDB Master Bedroom Design

Under the Bed Storage

The compartment beneath the bed is ideal for storing items to keep your 3 room HDB master bedroom design clutter-free. You can make compartments or drawers in the bed frame or platform, or you can just use containers or boxes. To avoid dust accumulation, keep the area as clean and orderly as possible.

Knock Down Partition

Even if 3 room HDB master bedroom design are smaller, that doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to what’s available! By cutting down walls and merging enclosed rooms, you may create open space plans. 

Your 3 room HDB master bedroom design will be able to fulfill numerous purposes without appearing claustrophobic. To create a seamless connection from the living room to the study area, the interior designer knocked down a wall. Sinks have been strategically placed outside the master bathroom for easy grooming and washing.

Floating Shelves

Recessed shelves, which are incorporated into walls, are a wonderful solution for storing objects without taking up floor space. With the correct design and color scheme, they may also make your 3 room HDB master bedroom design look opulent. If you don’t want to cut into your wall, you can use floating shelves instead. These can be placed in areas of the room where cabinets would not fit.

4 Room BTO Master Bedroom Design Ideas

L-shaped Walk-in Wardrobe

The L-shaped segment, which consists of two closets situated at a right angle, is an alternative for a 4 room BTO master bedroom design walk-in wardrobe. This design is narrower than the galley type, but it provides a broader walking aisle. This 4 room BTO master bedroom design has a penthouse-like feel about it! The bed is set on a platform with a tiny ladder leading up to it. 

To separate the wardrobe space from the bedroom section, a cabinet has been used as a partition wall. There’s enough of space for residents to get ready with such a design!

Bright and Light Colour Palettes 

Colors that are light or bright reflect more light. As a result, they open up areas by maximising the presence of natural light. This master bedroom feels light and airy thanks to the pale pink wall. To compliment the light color scheme, the bed has been dressed in elegant grey bedding. Warm lights have been fitted inside a false ceiling to provide a bright but relaxing environment that is ideal for bedtime.

Galley Walk-in Wardrobe

Do you prefer a walk-in closet that is separate from your bedroom? A wonderful alternative is the galley style! It has closets on both sides of a central passageway, separating it from the rest of the room. You can even utilize the area at the path’s conclusion as a vanity or additional storage!

5 Room HDB Master Bedroom Design Ideas

Overbed Storage

Making the most of the vertical space above your bed is a clever storage solution. Build an overbed storage system or incorporate it into the headboard. In the bed’s headboard, there is a transparent part to store and display prominent art works. The pattern also acts as the focal point of the space, completing its fashionable appearance!


A corner of your 5 room HDB master bedroom design would be the next best option. While this is a realistic answer, a poor design strategy might lead to a loss of work-life balance. The usual rule of thumb is to keep the office area separate from the rest of your room. In this sophisticated 5 room HDB master bedroom design, the study table faces the window. For people who work from home, this setup is a good option.

Lighting Placed 

They can be placed in such a way that they make a space appear larger while also creating a relaxing atmosphere. Under the bed’s platform, behind the headboard, or along the walls are all possibilities. For this 5 room HDB master bedroom design, lights have been put along the sides of the big platform and stairway. This area has a spa-like effect thanks to the aesthetic blend of wood and warm tone lighting.

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