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Kitchen Cabinet Design For Your HDB in Singapore

Finding the right kitchen cabinet ideas for your HDB flat is pivotal to creating a kitchen that you will love for years to come. Whether you prefer a classic look with lots of detailing or something more modern, such as flat-fronted doors, these kitchen cabinet ideas will provide you with the inspiration you need to create a scheme that fits your kitchen cabinet design for 4 room HDB flat period, your decorating style and the room’s proportions. These kitchen cabinet ideas will provide your inspiration.

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Kitchen Cabinetry Doors

If you are happy with your old kitchen layout and your carcasses are in good order, replacement doors not only make an easy and affordable option, they can also be a creative one, too.  In the past, replacing just the old doors would have been considered the budget approach but, with a definite move towards adding individuality to a room, this is a great way to refresh a room HDB kitchen design.  You might choose just to replace a selection of the doors rather than all of them – perhaps just wall units, or just one part of the kitchen as a focal point. 

In a plain modern kitchen, you could replace just a handful, picking several colors to create your own palette. And of course, new doors can be the greener, less wasteful option – there’s no need to rip out a perfectly good kitchen cabinet design for 4 room hdb flat, just because the doors are dated or you want a new colour or finish. And it is satisfyingly simple.

Colorful Kitchen Cabinet

After door/drawer front design, 5 room HDB kitchen design colors are next on the list of design decisions. We are seeing a definite trend towards bolder, braver color choices for statement kitchens with more personality. To prevent strong color from overpowering, use it in small portions – perhaps to highlight a key focal point – or keep it below your direct sight line as you enter the 5 room HDB kitchen design. Also consider scale: a big kitchen can take a much bigger burst of color.

Modern Pantry

A much-loved classic, the pantry or larder offers versatile storage that’s equally suited to modern life. The rise of the home chef and baker, modern shopping habits and the trend towards old kitchens with few wall cupboards have created a very modern need for a generous central store. Modern-day pantry ideas – in all their guises and formats – are finding a valued place in country, classic and contemporary kitchens. There is something about a pantry that encourages you to consider aesthetics alongside the practical.


Maximize HDB Kitchen Space

Make use of every inch of space, especially in a 3 room HDB kitchen design. While base unit cupboards are typically 540mm deep, you might add shallower ones at 380mm deep to make use of space on the ‘non-working’ side of a kitchen island, behind bar stools, for storing items used only occasionally.

It’s probably best to run tall units up to the ceiling or just below if they have coving. Stumpy units with 3ft or more of empty space above in a high-ceilinged room look very unbalanced and it is usually better to fill the empty space with more cupboards, which can be used for storing those infrequently used items, such as bases, jugs and terrines.

Other HDB small kitchen design ideas to consider include a drawer with integrated sockets for recharging phones and tablets (no unsightly wires trailing on the worktop) and dedicated out-of-sight areas for baskets or bins to sort recycling.

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Handleless Kitchen Cabinet Design

The latest contemporary designs are all about a multi-tasking, free flowing design with a pared-back look. 

Available in a variety of finishes, from hi-gloss white to textured woods and ceramics, it’s a kitchen style that works beautifully in both modern and period properties.

Technological advances in push-open and closed doors means that it has become possible to dispense with handles in both wall and base cabinets. If you prefer not to have push-open cupboards, then recessed handles provide the same sleek look and can be lined with contrasting colors and materials to add interest.

Whether you’re after handleless cupboards to make the most of a small space or keeping a large space open and light, it’s important that clutter is kept at bay. Too many objects on work surfaces can spoil the look so ensure you have as much storage space as possible by incorporating the latest drawer systems.

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