HDB kitchen package: $13,800
All Prices Inclusive of GST.

Demolition Works

Hack existing floor & wall finish at kitchen area

Dismantle existing kitchen cabinet.

Demolish existing motor base.

Prelimaries Works

  • Interior design & Space planning
  • Furniture layout plan
  • Colour & materials proposal
  • Consultation & project management
  • Design proposal & 3D Perspective drawing
  • Apply HDB renovation permit

Masonry Works

Apply waterproofing membrane on kitchen

Lay homogenous floor tiles c/w HDB approved prepacked cement at kitchen

Lay homogenous wall tiles c/w HDB approved prepacked cement at kitchen

Construct 50mm kitchen motor base c/w side tiling

Construct 50mm washing machine base c/w full tiling

All tiles priced at $3.20/psf

Tiles size (30 X 30cm) & (30 X 60cm)

Plumbing Works

Install exposed cold water stainless steel cold water piping at kitchen area.

Inlet/outlet piping for kitchen sink, washing machine area.

Install kitchen sink & tap

Carpentry Works

Fabricate & install 20ft kitchen cabinet c/w ABS trimming & laminate finish

Soft Close Hinges for All Casement Doors

3 Sets of Soft Closing drawer

1 set of stainless steel dish drainer.

1 set of cutlery tray.

Kitchen Worktop

Install 10ft Quartz kitchen worktop c/w backsplash finishes)

Miscellaneous Works

To clear debris & upload materials

Lay Corrugated paper to protect existing flooring.

Chemical wash & general cleaning upon completion of works.

How much does it cost to renovate an HDB dream kitchen?

Kitchen renovation in Singapore is commonly practised here, whereby the whole kitchen is being reconstruct and redesigned into a brand new look, without that boring and old look. Our experienced Interior Designers will propose how kitchen renovation packages can take place and advise on which part of the wall can be demolished to create a wide-open space also commonly known as “open concept kitchen layout” in Singapore.

Since a functional kitchen can be customized there isn’t really one standard price range that everyone pays. A basic complete kitchen renovation in Singapore can cost anywhere from $13,000 to $45,000.

However, It depends mainly on the cost of the materials that are available. Some homeowners prefer to do their renovations themselves while others would rather hire a contractor or renovate company to do it for them. This also includes the time taken to complete the project and the location of the construction site.

For example, if a contractor takes out the cabinets and replaces them with new ones, then it will be more expensive than just paint.

Drop us a message if you are looking to do kitchen renovation and our team will be glad to walk you through the whole process and provide you with the design and concepts.

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