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7 HDB Living Room Industrial Design Ideas 2022

If your living room has an industrial-style feel to it, that means you should invest in quality furniture that’ll stand the test of time – and that you have time for! A home that appears lived in naturally has the ability to create a calming and welcoming atmosphere. The living room should be no exception. Here are three ways to achieve a room that looks lived-in.

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Inject prim and proper detailing, comfortable couches, and beautiful light fixtures into a space lined in concrete. Turn your living room into a fire pit by using a beautiful copper and glass bowl.

There are so many amazing, industrial-style living rooms out there that it’s hard to choose just one to steal. This article provides a step-by-step guide to turning your traditional living room into a more efficient, comfortable, and attractive HDB living room design ideas with industrial style.

Minimalist industrial living room

Modern Industrial interior design HDB have a minimalist edge and minimalist feeling to them. Neutral palettes make use of all black and white colors for contrast in a living space, making it appear much more dramatic than traditional palettes.

The living room will benefit from low-profile furniture and minimal clutter to keep it serene and calm. When it comes to furniture, items like this puffy leather sofa add comfort and a lounge-like feel to industrial living room designs.

Use industrial furniture

Industrial design is a field that emphasizes a minimalist aesthetic. One way to create a modern industrial living room is by buying sleek industrial furniture. Buy products that are made of sturdy materials, such as metal and wood. It’s not about coziness. It’s about creating a sense of comfort and inviting others to sit down and relax.

Brown and black color should be the main theme

A brown leather sofa is one of the best options for making a statement when decorating an industrial living room style. Black and white patterns and a mix of wood, metal, and stone elements complete the look. Getting this industrial style started involves thinking big and getting inspired. Think dark woods, rough, matte finishes, black and white color palettes, and leather.

High ceiling for the industrial look

Adding more windows and bolting down the concrete will make the area look more elegant in a flat or house that spreads over two floors. Geometric lights are great for attracting the attention of people in the room. A large, airy room with black paint, framed artworks, seating and rugs, and an exposed brick wall add interest to the industrial living room space.

Open space is a part of the industrial style

Industrial design usually is good for open-plan spaces. Industrial design was born in warehouses and garages. It’s not pretty, but it’s functional and often built for durability. Whether you have a small or large living room, you don’t need to fill it only with the essential furniture. It’s the little things that matter in this room, so choose pieces with fewer ornaments. You could also consider a brick wall, industrial lights, and a patchwork throw.

Open plan living is a new way of living that lets you have lots of open space and incorporate industrial-style elements throughout your home. Some decorating ideas include painting the walls in a lighter color, using lighter-colored curtains, and using brighter-colored accents.

Expose the material of the buildings

Creating a tough, hardy space in your living room or studio, where everything is on display, is what showing off your items means. In a pure industrial-style room, you can even see the ductwork, because this room leaves nothing to the imagination. There are unfinished walls, exposed wiring, and exposed plumbing which pose a threat to the health of your family.

Use the real color palette of your living room

HDB living room colour ideas for industrial style is using the existing colors of the building determine an industrial interior palette. The raw materials of a building are usually wood and metal, and so they work best in styles with brown, deep red, and burnt. If you don’t want to include all the exposed elements, you can use a white wall treatment. Some of the brick walls are very attractive. The hue will stand out against most building types.

With using textured concrete, other finishes might work better, such as plaster, stucco, painted concrete, or paint. You’ll love the grunge and texture the new wallpaper adds to the room.

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The industrial look has been going from strength to strength in the past few years, and it continues to grow in popularity. Now is the time to take a look inside your house and think of applying it in your living room.

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