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6 Important Facts You Should Know About HDB Renovation in Singapore

Your house is the most expensive thing you can buy. Why do you want to make your home look nice? Remodeling your home in Singapore can be pretty expensive. However, the news is that you can easily save a lot of money if you know how to do it right. 

It can feel daunting to redo your first house. You’ve been waiting for your own home to be built. HDB flat renovations in Singapore can cost upwards of S$32,000. Understanding how it all comes together can prepare you for the design process. Well, the HDB renovation Singapore timelines are based on many factors, of course. If you’re planning to do an HDB refurb for the first time, it helps to have this handy guide.

Here are 6 important facts about HDB renovation in Singapore:

1. Know what you want

How about a new house with a larger kitchen or an addition? Do you want your home to be more child-safe re family-friendly? At the end of your home renovation in Singapore, it is important to flesh out what you want to achieve. Half of the battle has already been won by having a well-thought-out design.

2. Set up your priorities

Are you ready for a quick makeover or do you want to wait a little longer? What is the lead time that I can work with? If you’re not at all concerned with the quality of the materials used in your renovation project, then how much are you willing to spend? Are you on a tight budget or are you prepared to spend a little more for better material quality?

Starting a home renovation in Singapore requires careful consideration of timing, quality, and budget. Decide what parts of your house you want to work on and who to hire for the job, then list those tasks and responsibilities in descending order.

How long does HDB renovation takes in Singapore?

How long it takes to renovate a HDB/apartment depends on the contractor. I have to admit that I’m surprised to learn that the total duration of a renovation project is dictated by The renovation of HDB/apartment will only take 2 months. But many HDB and condo residents in Singapore do not use the right timing.

A renovation project will typically last between three and four months, depending on the complexity of the project. Many Singaporeans, however, often underestimate the time needed for a renovation project, resulting in delays. HDB allows for an extension of one month for renovations. This will allow for a better quality of tiles. Yes, you can extend the renovation time by one month.

Why Most Renovations Last 3 Months or More

The average HDB and Condo renovation timing can take up to 6 months, although it’s a lot shorter if you hire a good contractor. The extra month is actually a good thing for the homeowner, as they make more decisions.

Symptoms of chronic renovation analysis paralysis are:

  1. Flitting between interior designs (“Or should we consider the contractor route?”)
  2. Haggling quotations
  3. Staking out for the best interior design proposal
  4. Deliberating the choice of materials

Over the years, our Interior Design firm has seen homeowners who really drag out the decision making process. When couples disagree on a design or material, or when clients come up with new ideas for their home, the designers and contractors at Custom Built Solutions are always ready to work with them. We are always open to working with clients to come up with the best possible design and solution for their home. We have a team of designers and contractors who are experienced in working with a variety of different materials, so no matter what the challenge, we are confident we can find a solution that meets your needs.

Once you have identified the needs and issues to be addressed, you can then move on to:

  • Get inspired and start collecting design inspiration.
  • You can do room-wise prioritisation to see which furniture and fittings are the priority.

3. Renovation Timing: Manage your finance

Many house renovation Singapore projects are completed within 12 weeks. During this period, between 40% and 90% of the total payment (including the amount to be paid by the HDB). Whether you’re considering moving to a new area or updating your home’s décor, it’s time to look at your financial options before contacting a contractor.

Using this simple calculation, you’ll be able to plan your finances and give yourself an upper limit for your spending.

Set aside some money for home insurance as well. Don’t forget it. Your mandatory HDB fire insurance usually does not cover furnishings and renovation. On an average, a home owner spends up to S$20,000 on a Singapore home insurance.

4. A Comparison of HDB Renovation Singapore Price

Resale Properties Renovation Singapore Price (starting at)
3-Room S$32,000
4-Room S$36,000
5-Room S$39,000

The ultimate cost of renovation depends on:

  • Type of home
  • Its age & condition
  • How much work you want to be done
  • Type of material
  • The contractor/ID firm you choose

5. Consider taking out a renovation loan in Singapore

It would make more sense to borrow money for a home renovation than to pay interest for a personal. It’s a good thing that you’re trying to enhance the value of your home. You can’t use all the money for your business but you can use all the money for your renovation. There are electrical and wiring, flooring, and tiles. If you decide to go ahead with the loan, be sure to check the processing fee.

6. Interior designer or contractor?

If you’re planning to engage services for home renovation in Singapore, you might not be familiar with the terms “interior designer” and “contractor”.

Here are the main differences between our plans:

Services offered

Home design plans, including 3D drawings and floor plans, can be provided to the client by interior designers. On the other hand, Singapore renovation contractors usually work on instructions from their clients.


Interior designers are responsible for most of the renovation work, so they are more expensive than other professionals who are involved in home improvement, like contractors. Contractors should be considered when you want cheap renovation Singapore process.

Who to hire?

The decision on who to hire can be made according to your needs as well as your budget. If you want to have someone create and produce an entire home design from scratch, then an interior designer is the way to go. If you already have a clear idea of what you want, hiring a Singapore contractor is a more cost-effective option. Remember to do your due diligence so that you don’t end up with a rogue interior designer.

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Hire an reliable Singapore renovation contractor to support your Dream

With an interior designer, you’ll get more personalized designs, but the latter is typically more affordable. You should consider using an interior designer when planning a home remodel or a new construction project. While hiring a contractor may save you money in the short term, you might end up with less lasting results.

Still not sure why you’d need a trusted interior designer to support your HDB renovation? 9 creation is the best solution for you. With our professional employees and variety of home renovation package, the beauty of your home is in the right hand. Call us at +6295 0922 for more information!


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