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Guidelines For HDB Renovation Permit

If you are considering renovating your HDB flat in Singapore, it is important that you apply for a Hdb Renovation Permit from the Housing and Development Board first. This will give you hdb renovation permit form permission to do all renovations on your home with confidence, knowing that you are following the necessary standards and rules. The process for obtaining a hdb renovation permit in Singapore is outlined in this blog post. Keep reading!

You can’t just hire an interior designer or a renovation contractor and start chopping away at your walls when it comes to HDB renovations. Before work can begin, special permissions must be secured, as well as instructions for how these renovation tasks should be carried out. It’s reasonable to be eager to start making changes in your home, but don’t skip over some crucial hdb renovation guidelines.

HDB Renovation Permit Time

The hdb renovation permit time to be approved depends on the work that needs to take place. A wall hacking or reconfiguring of toilets and sinks will involve more paperwork, but if you apply early enough then this won’t affect your deadline!

You’ll have 3 months or a month to finish the works depending on your flat’s age.

The best part of living in Singapore is that you get hdb renovation permit extension for renovations! For those who just bought their new home, congratulations and here are some things you must know about it – if it has just been completed then there’s an extra-long three months hdb renovation permit time before work needs to be done but if not, there will only be one month from when construction starts until all necessary jobs need to be finished.


What to Avoid When Applying for a HDB Renovation Permit

Unfortunately, when it comes to renovations, many homeowners fail to follow HDB’s requirements. Here are some things you must not do in order to prevent this from happening in your home:

If you wish to renovate your HDB home, it’s critical that you follow all of the rules. If not, the government may impose severe penalties, including prosecution, as a result of these regulation violations.

While some renovations require a HDB permit, others are outright prohibited because to concerns about the building’s structural integrity or fire hazards, or because they violate lease agreements or other statutory rules.

Some objects are restricted for grounds of public safety or aesthetics. How to check renovation permit? There are four examples of changes to the property that will not match your quality requirements and should be avoided:

Building and Structure

  • Hacking and removal of structural members (load-bearing structures or staircases) 
  • Overloading of floor slab with more than 150kg for every metre square of floor 
  • Plastering of ceilings 
  • Partitioning with combustible or toxic materials 
  • Raising of floor level exceeding the allowed thickness of 50mm with concrete, inclusive of finishes 
  • Extending floor area by covering void areas
  • Repositioning or enlarging chute opening 
  • Painting the area outside the flat
  • Installing awning or other fixtures outside the flat
  • Laying floor finishes outside the entrance without having recess area or step
  • Removing a pitched roof ceiling
  • Changing planter boxes

Sanitation or Plumbing

  • Constructing water tanks in bathrooms

Windows, Doors, or Grilles

  • Installing casement windows when the flat faces the common corridor
  • Replacing full height windows, 3/4 height windows, or bay windows
  • Removing or tampering with safety railings/grilles (internal and external)
  • Permanently sealing a planter box
  • Installing overhead grilles at an interaction balcony

Air-Conditioning Related Works

  • Installing external grilles on the air-conditioner ledge 
  • Changing the use of the air-conditioner ledge


Find out what you must do according to the guidelines of your particular HDB unit! You may check hdb renovation permit hotline where prospective buyers can find their desired property by inputting criteria such as location and price range. 

Different types of Singaporean apartments have different guidelines too. For example, if you own a DBSS unit, each development has it own set of rules. If your residence is an HDB-designed BTO and registered with the housing development board portal site in order to get updates on renovation restrictions for new tenants as they come out; then you are doing it right!

An Overview of the HDB Renovation Permit

Obtaining a HDB remodeling permit is a difficult task. Getting anything done takes time, effort, and money.

how to apply hdb renovation permit ? how much hdb renovation permit fees ? This is something we can assist you with hdb renovation permit check, our experts will offer advice on your home renovation plans, as well as aid you in obtaining the relevant HDB (Singapore’s housing board) licenses. We’ll also provide you with helpful tips on how to refurbish your house or HDB flat.

You can study this basic information to learn more about how to apply hdb renovation permit in Singapore! It contains instructions and rules for obtaining HD.

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HDB provides a list of approved contractors that you can browse through their e-Service or you can also ask 9Creation. These are not HDB’s contractors, but be aware they do have the power to mediate disputes if need arises for any project work done with them.

HDB offers an online resource where homeowners and building owners can find out about hdb renovation permit cost or different registered builders in Singapore who provide quality services which meet all construction standards set by the government agency itself or other organizations like CASE and SMC when needed on specific projects such as home renovation or extension works respectively.




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