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7 Simple HDB Resale Renovation Ideas for Living Room

Just because you have a small living room, doesn’t mean that you should skimp when decorating. It’s an easy hack to make your space look bigger, airy, spacious, and soothing. 

A small living room can be a challenge to decorate and leave you bewildered. Get the most out of your compact space by making these small-living-room hacks and ideas work for you. A beautiful living room does not need a large budget to look amazing. You can make even the smallest living room look spacious and homey with some thoughtful changes.

Here are 7 simple HDB resale renovation ideas for the living room to help you get the most out of your small living room.

Use symmetrical furniture

Symmetry is considered to be one of the least appreciated elements. The look of a room can be defined by this. A set of simple but well-crafted pieces that add to the look can be used to maintain a symmetrical look. With visible lines of a sofa add to its aesthetic quality and give the appearance that it is longer than it actually is. Defining space is helped by creating architectural detail.

A number of home improvement projects can be done to achieve vertical symmetry, such as lighting your house the same color or using matching lamps or wall-lined architectural structures.

Use monochromatic palette

Creating an insanely chic small space is a cinch if you stick to a monochromatic palette, such as a white living room. With the right plants, a bare spot in the office feels cozy, inviting, and warmer. Wicker furniture and accessories bring warmth and homey charm to your living room, bedroom or kitchen.


Use a simple floor pattern

One of the best small living rooms for your HDB resale decorating ideas is clearing out your floors. It’s not hard because of the variety of furniture available. Hanging planters are a better choice for a plant mom. They’re pretty up your living room, but they don’t take up a lot of floor space. This resale flat renovation cost will not break your bank and definitely will create an astonishing result.

There are some great home decor ideas for small and simple living room spaces, including mounting your furniture. You can attach any kind of furniture or other things to a wall to create a neat, clean, and clutter-free floor. A floating shelf adds a minimal design to a living room and fits in well with the vibe you’re going for. Choosing chairs and tables with exposed legs automatically opens up the living room and makes it feel more spacious. 

White is your savior

Light and neutral tones create the illusion of space in a small area. These colors work well with tan, beige, or brown furnishings to create a light-hearted, breezy feel in a room.  A living room can feel like a relaxing haven, with its wooden furnishings, white interiors, and the backdrop of white that make the room look dynamic and interesting.

Create a focal point with luxurious decorations

To create a statement-making living room in a small space, choose furniture and decor that are luxurious, but not expensive. Try mixing up different kinds of materials and colors. Keep things simple. You can create a focal point in your living room with a marble coffee table. A mirror with a starburst design adds a nice touch to your home decor, but you can easily find a variety of other mirror designs without the use of stars.

Use multifunction storage in your living room

A tiny living room could be the perfect place to design a simple space if there’s storage in the walls and ceiling. There are many different types of storage spaces, including a coffee table, TV unit, or cabinets. These are good because they keep your space tidy and help manage clutter. Whether you need something to store your clothes or your belongings, Singaporeans do storage like no one else.

Maximize your vertical space

No matter what color, design, or theme you choose, the idea is always to have a mix of vertical and horizontal elements. This way, it’s easy for you to match things up later on and it’s more visually appealing while also making it look simple and clutter-free. 

To give your space some height, experts suggest using a narrow floor-to-ceiling bookcase, a few tall plants, and a few sconces. Choose a new wallpaper that will match your theme. To make your low ceiling look higher than it is, try adding vertical stripes.

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