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7 New HDB Wet And Dry Kitchen Design Ideas 2022

Having a wet and dry kitchen is a good way to make sure your kitchen is optimized for both wet and dry food preparation and consumption. When planning a new kitchen, consider whether you want the main cooking and washing up done in the kitchen or the lounge.

The kitchen separator keeps the grease and fumes contained, so they are less likely to leak out of the kitchen. It also prevents moisture from going outside. Whether you want to add elegance to your home or get creative with your space, kitchen design is a well-coordinated balance between form and function.


To help you get inspired over what design to choose for your next kitchen design, here are 7 new HDB wet and dry kitchen design ideas for 2022:

Young and modern design kitchen

It’s a combination of light gray and beige. Navy blue is a timeless, modern, and stylish look. Kitchen designers love subway tiles, backsplash glass, stainless steel, and wood. These materials offer a lot of counter space for a serious home chef and working space without feeling cluttered.

Create a different look for a different area

If you want to design a wet and dry kitchen, you can use patterned floor tiles in the dry kitchen in your kitchen layout plan. It makes the space look more exciting and creates visual interest. The wood-clad, full-height cabinets are the perfect backdrop for this display. The white cabinets in the wet kitchen make it more open and lively than the traditional kitchen.

Separate your pantry

You don’t always need counter space in your kitchen, either. You can try open shelving and full-height cabinets to maximize storage and make the kitchen feel more spacious. The wet kitchen is a kitchen that’s set in glass cabinets, so the space is only partially open. This can be a great idea if you want wet and dry kitchen design Singapore.

Monochrome HDB kitchen design

A black and white HDB kitchen design theme is just as exciting as a colorful one is. The black, white, and green color scheme gives this kitchen a nostalgic feel. In addition to the small black diamond floor tiles, the house features a black-framed sliding door that provides a sleek and modern look that contrasts nicely with the traditional style of the rest of the house. The kitchen is more than just a place for cooking in a luxury home. It needs to complement the style of the house and provide enough room for guests.

Effortlessly simple kitchen design

You’re not a fan of bold colors and designs. You don’t want a dull kitchen, but you like simple things. We hear you, and we say yes.

Kitchenettes are the perfect little storage space for small kitchen items. They look great and are easy to find where they’re needed. The kitchen must have a classic L-shaped design with adequate space to fit a full-size refrigerator, sink, and cooktop. Hexagon backsplash tiles are an eye-catching feature that adds visual interest to this type of kitchen.

Kitchen 1 1

Country styles kitchen design 

For an easy update, install open-style cabinets over your existing countertops. The charming white doors pair beautifully with the rest of the room, while the original wood floors add charm to the space. An excellent idea for your kitchen in Singapore is the pendant light. There are many ways to make your images come alive. Adding a background, adding text, and using animation are great ways to show off your work.

European kitchen design

Any homeowner will be proud of the European country kitchen-style interior. This type of kitchen, with its neutral shades of light gray, light wood, and a touch of light blue, is the kind of home you want to create for yourself.

The kitchen can use a dry kitchen island countertop in the middle of the room. This provides space for food prep and preparation if you have different types of kitchen layouts. The patterned backsplash tiles add an interesting design element to the cooking area while giving the room a more updated look. There are two sets of French doors at the rear of the kitchen. One leads onto the deck, while the other leads out to the garden.

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