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Best office chair to work from home

When we consider how many hours we spend sitting at our desks, it’s clear to see why comfort should be a primary consideration. A comfortable position due to ergonomic seats, a chair at the proper height, and the products we work with are all necessary for making the workspace productive rather than slowing us down.

This is one of the shortcomings that has been seen as remote working has become a necessity in the current environment: the lack of equipment at home for a work space that allows us to do our job in the same conditions as in the office.

Choosing the correct task seating is the first and arguably most crucial step in creating a home office or equipping workplace workstations. An ergonomic chair that adapts to each person’s unique features reduces discomfort and weariness throughout the day, as well as the health risks connected with sitting in a bad posture for long periods of time.

TNK Flex Range

A product that provides two key features: an ergonomic design, based on support, and interaction with the user. It has a smart backrest, which rotates and embraces the back, automatically adjusting to all movements without the user having to activate any mechanism.


TRIM Range

A chair that offers extensive customisation options and features a height-adjustable backrest that enhances comfort. It is a chair designed to provide comfort during the busiest of workdays.


The STAY Model

In addition to the backrest being fully adjustable, has armrests that are also adjustable, and all from the seated position, allowing the user to adapt to every situation with minimal effort. In addition, the concave-shaped padded seat helps keep the pelvis in the correct position.

The EFIT Model

Has a backrest that adapts to the user’s movement, complemented by the automatically adjusted built-in lumbar support, which provides a high degree of comfort. Its design is also inspired by the versatility and customisation of the younger generations in the workforce, those who seek design without compromising on comfort and ergonomics.

CRON Chair

Combines the quality of an executive armchair, imposing but slim, with an aspect of functional inspiration, comfort, light and dynamism.

There are many possibilities for our workspace, whether in the office or at home, with guaranteed comfort. You just need to choose the option that best suits the user’s characteristics and their work dynamics.

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