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Simple Guide to Saving Your Money During Home Renovation in Singapore

After years of creating the perfect house for your Sims, pinning home inspiration pictures on Instagram, and watching a billion home makeover shows, now is your time to buy and refurbish the home of your dreams. Whether it’s bohemian chic, industrial, scandinavian, farmhouse, or simply a simple facelift, home renovation Singapore is a large expense item and a project that might be tough to undertake. To simplify things, here’s a step-by-step approach to completing a comfort home renovation Singapore.

Home Renovation Loan Singapore

Are you able to retain the same standard of life with a decent quantity of emergency cash stored away? is a good question to ask if you want to spend the majority of your savings. If the answer is no, you might want to think about taking out a home renovation loan in Singapore.

Here is a short comparison of some of the home renovation loan Singapore programs that are available. This is based on a $30,000 loan with a three-year repayment period.


Bank/Loan Package : CIMB Renovation i-Financing

Interest Rates (p.a.) : 4.33%

Monthly Repayment : $890


Bank/Loan Package : Renovation Loan Monthly Rest

Interest Rates (p.a.) : 4.18%

Monthly Repayment : $888


Bank/Loan Package : Renovation Loan Monthly Rest

Interest Rates (p.a.) : 4.10%

Monthly Repayment : $887


Bank/Loan Package : Eco-care Renovation Loan Monthly Rest

Interest Rates (p.a.) : 3.98%

Monthly Repayment : $885


Bank/Loan Package : Renovation Loan

Interest Rates (p.a.) : 3.68%

Monthly Repayment : $884


From there, you’ll have to determine whether you’ll fund it with your own money, a home improvement loan, or a combination of both.

Where to stay during home renovation Singapore

Whether you’re starting from scratch or tackling a long-overdue home renovation project, the million-dollar issue is: where will you stay during construction? Learn about many temporary housing options and choose the one that best suits your needs during your home restoration in Singapore.

  • Corporate housing
  • Temporary rental homes
  • Stay with friends or family
  • Extended-stay hotel
  • Rental apartments


Concerns about the design

Are you undecided on the design motif to choose for your new home? Here are some design aspects to consider before making a final decision:

Landlords should breakeven in six months

Only proceed with renovation if it will help to increase rental income, and you can recuperate the renovation cost within six months. Afterall, you don’t want to be overspending on renovation that won’t give you good returns. 

On that note, you might also want to consider the demographic of your tenant . A bohemian chic themed home with all the frills will fetch a good price if it is located at district 9 or 10, especially if you are renting out to expatriates. However, if it is located in the heartlands, budget-conscious tenants won’t fork out more just for aesthetic reasons alone.

Choose paint over wallpaper 

Like all pretty things, wallpaper doesn’t last. Due to Singapore’s erratic and humid weather, wallpaper tends to curl and discolour.Paint on the other hand, will cause you no such inconvenience and would only peel if the sealant isn’t applied well or if there’s a burst pipe. Paint is also the cheaper of the two options. Painting an entire 4-room flat will set you back by around $1,200 to $1,500, while wallpapering could set you back by more than $900 for just the living room.

Skip fancy flooring

Parquet flooring and marble tiles are fancy but may lose their appeal over the years, and are expensive to maintain and replace. Go for plain tiles and add to it a carpet for a pop of colour and dimension instead. Carpets are easy to clean, maintain and have become extremely affordable. You could find a large one for the living room at IKEA for just under $200.

Tips to saving more 

Home renovations in Singapore are expensive, but it is not hard to keep prices low. Here are a few ways to save money on your home makeover while still making it appear like you spent a fortune:

Custom made furniture

Do you really need a floor-to-ceiling custom-built TV console, or would a similar ready-made one work just as well? There are tons of affordable ready-made furniture options available with some even customisation for certain parts. Custom-made furniture will also take time to build from scratch, unlike ready-made ones that can be delivered to your home the next day. Here are some hacks to finding the right furniture at the right price.

Cut off the intermediary

It’s an open secret that the prices quoted to you by interior designers and contractors are inflated. While they try to do everything themselves, there are some renovations that will require a specialist (doors, windows, locks, window grilles, etc). To save on the costs, reach out to these specialists directly. Yes, it would be a little troublesome because you will be the one coordinating everything, but given the potential amount of savings, we think that it will be worth your while.

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