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How Much Is Built In Cabinet? Here Are The 3 Guides For Built-In Cabinet Cost

Cabinets can be a good way to organize your home and keep it clean. Although they’re not as common in other parts of the house, you can always get a cabinet for kitchens and bathrooms.  

Built-in cabinetry is a fantastic idea, and it is custom made to your needs, built to last generations, and if you hire a talented finish carpenter, it will be beautifully finished. It’s also generally cheaper to build your own storage than to buy a pre-built one.

But before diving in, you should consider some factors before planning your built-in cabinet launch. How much is your budget? What size is your home? Do you have a specific theme? For cabinets that need fixing, Homees have a list of cabinet repair companies that can give your cabinet a quick fix.

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How much does it cost for a built-in cabinet?

If you have a small kitchen, it’s not a big deal to build your own kitchen cabinets. However, if you have a larger kitchen, you may want to use professional cabinetry rather than do-it-yourself cabinets. It takes approximately 1,000 square feet of material and about 6,000 board feet of lumber to construct a high-end wood cabinet. You can expect to spend from about $800 to $1200 per cabinet depending on the quality of the materials use for the cost of built-in cabinets .

This process includes planning, preparing, building, cleaning up, purchasing materials, acquiring machines and equipment for the construction of the cabinet, and the potential daily rental of the machinery needed to construct the cabinets. 

It can be hard for beginners to pick out a type. Don’t be, Don’t be! Understanding cabinet options is the first thing you need to do. There are three different types of cabinets to choose from. It is possible to have low-end to high-end custom options.

Cabinet type Average price range (per linear foot) Average price range (per unit)
Stock $140 – $650 $290 – $1410+
Semi-Custom $220 – $1410 $360 – $1740+
Custom $720 – $2,600 $1,100+

Stock cabinets are the cheapest option since they are pre-built. They are made according to the industry’s standards.

Pros: Affordable

Cons: Limited designs, occasional issues with measurements and quality

Semi-Custom cabinets allow more room for personalization. It’s ideal for those looking for affordable, unique, and long- lasting designs.

Pros: More designs and measurement options at an affordable price

Cons: Limited imported designs and materials

It’s a good idea to use custom cabinets for kitchens with odd corners and designs. They cost a lot as they are made from scratch to fit your needs.

Pros: Unlimited designs

Cons: Expensive

Factors that can affect your built-in cabinet cost

Labor cost for a carpentry

The most expensive part of the cabinet is typically the labor; though when you use high-quality wood, it could be the materials. Labor costs for cabinet makers and carpenters are usually higher than for the average DIYer.

There are two options for getting a custom-made cabinet. One is a home improvement center, and the other is a freelance cabinet maker. Cabinet makers and carpenters typically are very skilled at what they do. After years of learning, they know exactly what to do to make beautiful cabinets.

The material used for the built-in cabinet

High-quality, well-crafted wood is usually the second-highest expense. Although plywood, pine, and poplar are inexpensive, cherry, oak, and walnut is not cheap, but you have to consider what you’ll put on the shelves.

A larger built-in will require more material, so it will cost you more money. Ornate wood detailing will also increase the price of the product, but not by as much as you might think.

Wood Average Price per Board Foot
Birch $4.10
Hard Maple $3.60
White Oak $3.75
Walnut $7.45
Poplar $2.30
Cherry $7.00
White Pine $1.95

The design of your built-in cabinet

A designer will charge $200 – $500 to design your plans, depending on how elaborate your built-ins are. If you need to hire a cabinet maker for this project, you’ll probably find it cheaper to do so yourself.

Accessories for your cabinet

The best accessories for kitchen cabinets are those that make it easier for you to use them, like glass, moldings, knobs, pulls, hinges, electrical outlets, lights, and fixtures.It might also affect the cost of built-in cabinets around fireplace.

The finishing of your built-in cabinet Singapore

The finishing cost of a custom cabinet project is huge. If you want to get the final look you want, you should always consider the cost of additional coats.

The type of finish is one of the factors that should be considered when choosing the material of your built-in cabinet Singapore. poplar or pine are less expensive than cherry or black walnuts and can be used instead of a stain in certain situations. If you want to reduce the cost of the project, finishing the cabinets yourself is a good way to do that.

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Why you should get a built-in kitchen cabinet?

Poor-quality materials and a set of standard sizes are present in the stock. They’re more expensive than manufactured goods, too. It’s difficult to find a suitable one for your home because of the gaps. It is easy to expose cabinets to oil, water, and stains. These options are probably not going to last as long as more expensive options.

Most homeowners should buy custom-made cabinets for their kitchen and bathroom. Custom cabinets can cost from $3,500 to $8,000 or more, depending on the amount of customization. It may sound expensive, but when you include other factors such as labour costs and materials, it can definitely be worth it in the long run. More importantly, these are the foundation of your kitchen interior design, so most people don’t mind investing a significant amount of their budget on custom-made cabinets.

Other services offered by custom cabinet contractors include display cabinets, wall-mount cabinets, full-height shoe cabinets, bar cabinets, and bathroom cabinets. Is there a tight budget? You can do it your way. A well-built kitchen cabinet is important to most people. It will cost hundreds of dollars to build your own cabinet.

It’s cheaper than buying, but the building needs experience in woodworking and lots of tools and materials. Unless you are an expert in this field, look for carpenters or professionals, and direct carpentry price list.

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