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How much is EC in Tengah Plantation?

The Tengah Plantation EC stands as a beacon of modern living, offering a prime location, state-of-the-art amenities, and the promise of a truly enriching lifestyle. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of the cost of living within this remarkable development, exploring the factors that shape its pricing dynamics.


What is Tengah Plantation?

Tengah Plantation is a new town located in the heart of Singapore, offering a sustainable and green living environment. The Tengah Plantation Loop EC, a luxury executive condominium, is situated at the intersection of Bukit Batok Road and Jurong Road, close to two commercial and trade clusters. The Tengah Plantation Loop EC will have 913 units, with 70% being three-bedroom units, 25% two-bedroom units, and 5% four-bedroom and five-bedroom units.

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The development is designed to provide residents with a range of amenities and facilities, such as a swimming pool, gym, clubhouse, and playground. Additionally, the Tengah Plantation area includes green and blue spaces, such as the Plantation and Garden Farmways, Rainforest Walk, and Forest Stream, providing outdoor recreational opportunities for residents. The area is also set to feature a Forest Corridor, forming a larger network of greenery connecting the Western Water Catchment Area and the Central Nature Reserve. The nearby Garden and Plantation Farmways are key features fostering a new lifestyle centered on community gardening and urban farming.


How Much Tengah Plantation EC Cost?

As prospective homeowners seek to make the Tengah Plantation EC their abode, understanding the pricing structure is paramount. The estimated price per square foot (PSF) serves as a key metric, influenced by various components. Breaking down these components – including land cost, construction expenses, and the developer’s profit margin – provides clarity on the investment.

Potential variations in pricing, contingent on unit type, floor level, and facing direction, underscore the importance of meticulous consideration during the selection process. Furthermore, the impact of government policies, market trends, and supply and demand dynamics is pivotal in comprehending the overall cost structure of Tengah Plantation EC.


The estimated price of the Tengah Garden Walk EC is around S$1,900 – S$2,100 per square feet (PSF). The land bid price for the Tengah Garden Walk EC is $603 psf ppr, and the average psf for this development will probably be between $1,100 and $1,200 psf. Additionally, the launch price for the future EC at the Plantation Close site could fall between $1,450 to $1,550 psf. The Tengah Plantation Loop EC will have 913 units, with 70% being three-bedroom units, 25% two-bedroom units, and 5% four-bedroom and five-bedroom units.

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How To Enhancing the Essence of Tengah Plantation EC with Interior Design Expertise?

The allure of Tengah Plantation EC extends beyond its structural magnificence, as interior design emerges as a transformative force. Interior design firms bring their expertise to the forefront, crafting living spaces that seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality.

In showcasing the prowess of interior design, readers gain insight into the benefits of expert guidance in space planning, material selection, furniture arrangement, and décor coordination. Engaging an interior design firm not only elevates the living experience but also ensures cost savings by averting costly mistakes and optimizing resource utilization.


Investing in Tengah Plantation EC transcends the mere acquisition of a property; it signifies an investment in a fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle. As readers contemplate making this vibrant community their home, the transformative power of interior design becomes a compelling consideration.

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Encouraging homeowners to partner with 9creation interior design firm, this article emphasizes the potential for turning a Tengah Plantation EC unit into a personalized haven that reflects individual personality and aspirations. In closing, the call to action invites readers to embark on the journey of creating their dream home within Tengah Plantation EC by connecting with a 9creation interior design firm.