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How To Clean House After Renovation

You just finished a terrace house renovation and now you’re wondering how to clean the house. If this is your first time renovating, it may be hard to know what steps to take after construction finishes.


1.removing all of the construction materials

The first step in cleaning your terrace house after renovation is removing all of the construction materials from the property as soon as possible. For instance, if there was plastering work done on one wall, remove any leftover pieces of wet plaster from that wall before they dry completely and become difficult or impossible to remove.  You should also have all excess dirt removed from inside and outside of your terraced home and then hose down all surfaces with water (even those that were already cleaned). Finally, make sure you dispose of any debris properly.

2.wash all surfaces with an appropriate cleanser

The next step is to wash all surfaces with an appropriate cleanser. You should start by washing the floors and walls that were exposed to the most construction materials. Start at floor level, working your way up to higher surfaces before moving on to lower ones. Clean any windows or skylights you have, but remember to do so after thoroughly washing the rest of your house. glass surfaces

Once you’ve finished that, you can move on to cleaning glass surfaces or any glass furniture, followed by window sills and frames. Then clean doors and doorframes with a wood cleaner before moving on to walls, which should be cleaned separately all over again if they have been repainted.

3.Clean all tables and chairs

When you’re finished with the walls, move on to furniture of any kind. Clean all tables and chairs thoroughly before turning your attention to sofas, armchairs, sideboards or coffee tables. Make sure that each piece of furniture is clean in addition to being completely dry before moving it back into place inside your house.

4.bring back any pieces of furniture that were stored while the renovations were taking place

After you have finished all of the above, it is safe to bring back any pieces of furniture that were stored while the renovations were taking place. This includes items such as rugs or paintings, which should be placed exactly where they were before renovation began. Then clean your carpets and floorboards to complete your house renovation cleaning project.



It’s important to clean your house after renovations because you want it to be free of construction materials. Once the job is done, make sure that all surfaces are cleaned thoroughly with an appropriate cleanser and then vacuum carpets or floorboards for a complete renovation cleaning project. If this is your first time renovating, don’t worry–we’ve laid out exactly how to do so in this article.

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