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11 Guides To Know How To Use Peranakan Tiles For Your HDB Singapore

The heritage of the Chinese, Indian and Malay communities is included in Singapore’s history. These are some of the features of the old Peranakan shophouses. The Peranakan tiles were designed to be beautiful. The ornate beauty of these tiles has become a factor of fascination, which has made them gain particular favour in the local community.

They’re also becoming a status symbol for wealthy homeowners. The Peranakan style has been so detailed and intricate that there’s not much about its origins or even its history that’s clear. As we take a trip down memory lane, let’s return to the finer details of the Peranakan tiles. They are so beautiful and unique!

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What are the definition of Peranakan tiles?

In the past, Majolica tiles were manufactured in Germany, England, and Belgium. They are more frequently found in the U.S. The intricate designs were highly valued by the Peranakans in Malaysia and Penang so much so that the tiles became a distinctive feature of the community. They became widely known as Peranakan tiles afterwards.

There are several types of architecture and design from the people of Peranakan descent. These include the architecture of the houses, the decoration in public areas and the way furniture is designed. The intricate carvings displayed on these wooden doors are called pintu pagar, and are typical of Peranakan home interiors.

The origins of peranakan tiles?

Decorated as wall tiles or wall panels in the houses of Chinese from Malaysia and Singapore, these tiles are made of clay. Many buildings in the colonial era have brightly coloured decorative tiles decorating their walls. These people were very skilled and had the means to purchase these tiles for their buildings.

Why Peranakan tiles are So Popular in Singapore Homes?

The art and culture of a number of Chinese Peranakans in Singapore left an impression on its people and society. It’s important that the culture is important in these cities. These landmarks and tourist attractions help define the history of the area. A lot of people think that these tiles are a sign of wealth and prosperity. The offspring of marriages between Malay women and Chinese traders are called the Peranakans. British-controlled settlements like Singapore, Malacca and Penang have many traders coming from there.

Hang Li Poh, a Chinese princess, came to Malacca with a large cortege after her marriage to Sultan Mansur Shah. The birth of the Peranakan community can be traced back to this group of people. The Peranakan design is revered in Singapore due to its focus on affluence.

The difference between Peranakan tiles from other tiles?

The tiles of Peranakan are artistic. The tiles are covered in folklore. The Peranakan objects have the same cultural and ornamental values. There is a wide range of styles, shapes and colours of tiles. The tiles have nice patterns and motifs. The Peranakan floor tiles were carved and glazed to be durable.

Fruits, fish, birds, and other symbols considered to be good luck can be seen in these mosaics. Various production methods and motifs evolved over time. Machine-printed tiles have mostly geometric designs, but they still use ceramic as the base of the tile. The modern Peranakan tiles are ideal because of their use of new-age sensibilities.

How to incorporate Peranakan tiles into your home?

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If you’re using modern Peranakan tiles or traditional-style tiles, they sure can make a statement. What kind of home improvement projects can you tackle with concrete? These questions and more are answered in this handy guide. Let us take you through a few ways to use these simple Peranakan tiles.

Through sunroom

Sunroom tiles can be used to illuminate your home. They work in HDB and condo units, and are cost-effective to install. The room design is elevated by adding a flush of colour. The Peranakan floor tiles can be combined with bamboo furniture and a coffee table to create a relaxing space.

Incorporate Peranakan tiles to your bathroom Wall

Bathrooms are rarely about style, but there’s no reason why they have to be boring. You can elevate your bathroom design by adding a bit of colour and pattern to the wall of your toilet. For your dining room, use light and neutral colours with lighter-toned designs. You’ll want to pay attention to which tiles have the easiest cleaning, especially if your children play with the tiles.

Take a trip to a country where they make great wallpapers and bring home a tile Peranakan design for your bathroom. Pretty floor tiles add interest and dimension to the living room, and in addition to their practical qualities, they also bring a warm, welcoming No matter the size or occasion, a black tie is a classic look for any formal event.

Use Peranakan tiles as your kitchen backsplash

The back of the kitchen is one of the most important areas. They can have a big impact but are often the smallest details. One way to give your kitchen a more luxurious look is by using Peranakan design.

Pairing your Peranakan tiles with white marble kitchen islands and minimalist countertops makes the tile collection the star of your kitchen. These tiles are the best options for a culturally-charged home, period. They’re made of hand-crafted ceramics, designed to coordinate beautifully with any room in the house. This a perfect example of what great craftsmanship can do.

These wall art are both versatile and beautiful. Because they can be integrated into almost any space, they are also perfect for making any room more colourful, interesting, and modern. These tiles are a great addition to any area in your home, bringing life and colour into even the drabbest space.

Using Peranakan tiles for balconies

Balconies are places that we like to go and relax in. It is only right that we give them a design with an equally cosy vibe. You can either use these tiles on the balcony floor or as a mosaic wall design. It is nothing short of zen when you combine a swing and some potted plants.

Ways to use Peranakan tiles:


Tile walls are great additions to your hallway. They add character and increase the feeling of space in the hallway. They don’t just add elegance and charm to any room; they can also function as an entryway to your home, and are a great addition to any home.

When decorating your home’s interior, if you have monochromic interiors and minimalistic furniture, add some Peranakan tiles to add some interest.

Living Rooms

Give your living room a touch of personality by using a unique piece of furniture to accentuate it. To make a great first impression, you should keep your living room clean and free of clutter. Create a focal point for your living room by placing Peranakan tiles in the centre of the floor.


If you have tile flooring in your bathroom, use a tiled vanity stool to hide ugly shower fixtures and ugly tub surrounds. Create a strong visual presence in your bedroom by using this Peranakan set of statement tiles. This would make an amazing gift for the person who’s always wanted a really cool new headboard.

FAQs about Peranakan tiles

What is Peranakan design?

Peranakan design refers to the decorative Peranakan tiles in your interiors.

What are the characteristics of Peranakan house decoration?

A typical Peranakan house has decorative painted tiles on the floors and walls, and some use ornamental wooden carvings on the doors and windows.

Are Peranakan tiles good for the home?

The glazed ceramic tiles are easy to maintain.

How to decorate your home with Peranakan tiles?

Use them on the floors or walls of your home to add some character to the space.

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