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22 Small Bedroom Ideas That Make A Room Feel Bigger And Cozier

The modern bedroom has become an all-encompassing retreat from the world. Gone are the days when it was merely a place to sleep. Today’s bedroom is a place where people can relax and recharge in the middle of a busy day. As a result, the size of the bedroom is also expanding and evolving to accommodate our increased need for rest and relaxation. The smaller the room, the more likely we are to have a better night’s sleep. So how do you decide what size of bedroom is best for you? 

If you have a small bedroom, here are some ideas for small bedrooms that will help you create a cozy space for relaxing and sleeping.

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Make a statement with an accent wall

If you live in a studio, like this adorable one in Singapore, you can maximize your space. A splash of paint on an accent wall behind your bed not only adds a splash of color, but it also creates a visual barrier between your sleeping space and living area.

Storage cabinets

Many cute storage options are available for filling awkward spots and tight spaces in your home. The narrow cabinets in this Singapore bedroom demonstrate how storage pieces painted in the same color as your walls can recede visually, making your space appear larger without sacrificing valuable storage space.

Bold bed

Simple bedroom demonstrates that even if your space is mostly neutral, you can add character and coziness with textures, unique color combinations, and sculptural silhouettes. This one is also great for late-night sleep-ins because it’s dark and moody. And don’t let a smaller space prevent you from selecting larger furniture. This eye-catching four-poster bed takes up the majority of the space, which is actually a good thing.

Colorful bedroom

Keep it tailored but unique with fewer and bolder pieces. From the vibrant red bedding to the modern bedframe and graphic lamp, this simple bedroom designs for small rooms feels both crisp and deliberate, but there’s still a lot of personality packed in. Each piece also pays homage to the brilliant abstract painting above the bed.

Ghost chair

The best thing about Ghost chairs, also known as clear acrylic chairs, is that they are so light that you barely notice them. They’re not only fashionable, but they won’t make your small bedroom feel even smaller.

Floating desk

Do you need ideas for small bedrooms and large bedrooms to set up your own workspace? A wall-mounted shelf can be used as a personal desk and is easily mounted to the wall for added convenience.

Hanging lights

Looking for a stylish way to add more lighting to your simple bedroom designs for small rooms without taking up more space? A pendant light, or any hanging light for that matter, instantly brightens up a room while taking up no table or floor space.

Multi-purpose furniture

The nightstand also functions as a dresser. If you can only fit one piece of small bedroom furniture, make it one with a few functional advantages.

Add vanity unit

A small bedroom can be kept clutter-free by including a dressing table in your built-in storage, so you can store all of your makeup and other beauty supplies. To free up the area for other things, if you have room for a walk-in wardrobe, this is a great way to do it.

Rethink your small bedroom layout

Bedroom ideas are better when they’re based on creativity. Small room ideas that focus on being creative are always going to be a great benefit to the bedroom. Arrange the furniture in your bedroom in a way that makes you feel more at home.

This maximizes the number of usable wall space that you have and also minimizes the amount of clutter. When you position everything on one wall, you avoid having too many pieces crowding the small space. Furniture should be used sparingly in a small bedroom.

For book lovers, you can pile them on the floor

Set up some books for your table. They make great slim side tables. All you need to fit is a stylish nightlight and mood-setting candle.

Don’t ignore all the awkward corners in your small bedroom

Space is always at a premium, so using a room that might otherwise go unused as storage space can save both space and clutter. Concealing bedroom storage ideas in small spaces allows for hidden clutter-free storage areas that are functional, too. In a small bedroom, out of sight is best, because seeing something makes the room feel cramped and small.

Create the perfect lighting for your small bedroom

Lamps need space, and when you take up the entire tabletop surface with a lamp, it just doesn’t work. A table lamp is nice, but a table without one is better. There’s so much choice when it comes to the wall lights. They allow us to add a statement to the space, maximize the available surfaces, and even the look of the light.

Use a small desk or side table for your small bedroom

Mirrors in bedrooms expand small bedrooms by creating the illusion of a larger room.  Positioning a mirror over a window will make your home or office appear brighter. This trick works best when there’s no sunlight outside.

Use bold wallpaper 

In a small bedroom, you don’t have to make do with drab, boring decor. Add a bold wallpaper pattern to a focal wall, like your headboard wall. Using the right style and technique, wallpaper can make a room feel more spacious and less cluttered.Wallpaper adds drama to a focal wall, like your headboard wall.

When choosing wallpaper, make sure you select a larger-scale pattern over a smaller, busy pattern. When designing a bedroom, don’t forget to coordinate your bedding with your beautiful, new wallpaper. Renters, you can play with wallpaper too. Look at our article for removable wallpaper to get a better understanding of how to create your own custom designs.

Create niche wall

There is a wall niche that gives you storage space. In newer construction buildings, drywall is usually hollow and supported by vertical 2 x 4 wood beams. If your bed is on a non-exterior wall, use a stud finder to mark where your wood wall beams are to cut out an alcove. Your new alcove may not be deep, but it may be all you need for small items like an alarm clock. Maximizing your small bedroom is easy.

Add colorful throw pillows

You don’t have to compromise if you love color, but prefer an all-white room to make your small space look bigger. You can add color to your room by using throw pillows.

Create space illusion

Paints are a marvelous solution for so many decorating problems. Using a splash of color to invigorate a space, making it feel more inviting immediately, is one of the quickest ways to give any space a fresh look and feel. If you want a room to feel bigger, add a splash of color to the walls. The image below is an example of an optical illusion.

Small bedroom space can be increased with a bed frame and slim headboard

It’s important to think about adding storage space to your bedroom to make it more comfortable. Get rid of that bulky old-fashioned footboard bed frame and get a more simple, modern, and attractive platform bed to complete the look.

Use mirrors to create an illusion of a bigger space

Mirrors expand a small bedroom by creating the illusion of a bigger room. Positioning a mirror to reflect the light of a window is also the only way to up the natural light in your space.

The easiest way to incorporate a big mirror? Try this easy technique. Find a body-length mirror and lean it up against the wall. No holes needed. Though, you’ll want to secure it with wall tacky for peace of mind.

Don’t ignore your vertical space, try a loft living

If floor space is limited but you have higher ceilings, consider adding a loft or platform for your sleeping area with storage or seating underneath. This isn’t an option for everyone, but for those who don’t mind climbing into bed, this layout can completely transform a small room.

Use your headboard as a storage

If space is in short supply, ditch the usual style of headboard for one  with a gap for storage and a surface area, where you can place things. This means you can do away with bulky bedside tables, as you’ll have a convenient spot to stash your bedtime reading. Plus, this works for budget bedroom ideas too as you’re getting two pieces of furniture for one!

Go one better with your bedroom ideas for small rooms and install wall lamps too.

How to make the most of a small bedroom

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