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9 Key Features To Bring Industrial Interior Design To Your Home

Does your house look like an ordinary one? Or does it look like a place where a professional designer lives?

If you want to make your home look like a work of art, then you need to have these 9 key features in mind when you are planning your home’s interior design.

Your home should not only look good, but it should be easy to maintain as well. And for most people out there, that just isn’t the case.

In this article, I’m going to show you some of the key industrial interior design features that you can use to turn your home into a work of art, something that looks like it was created by a professional designer.

So if you want to make your home look like a work of art, then read on…

Exposed the raw bone of the space

To make the space feel more raw, it’s important to show the raw bones of the space. Showing steel beams, pipes and ducts will give the area an “unfinished” look which is exactly the industrial vibe you want. Plus, the steel is a great place to install some lights and artwork. Not only is this a great way to make the space look more industrial, but it also makes it easier to light the space.

Rustic wood and exposed metal

Industrial furniture design is a combination of rustic wood and exposed metal. When it comes to industrial interior design style, rustic elements are probably the most combination. You can find just about any style of furniture with these pieces mixed together to create a gorgeous industrial design. Moreover, industrial interior design furniture is great for bringing the industrial feel to your home. But if you don’t want to use a lot of wood, you can still achieve the same look by using metal. So for those of you who want to bring industrial design to your home, I’ve got some great ideas for you.

Exposed brick walls

There are many benefits to having exposed brick walls in your home industrial design. They add a rustic and industrial look to a home. They also add warmth to a home and can make it look more spacious. In addition, you can install lighting in the brick, which will make the room look more industrial design.

Silver metallic color palette

industrial interior design spaces are more often than not filled with dark colors like black, gray and navy blue. You may find some browns and dark blues, but otherwise stick to a metallic color palette like silver, gold and bronze.

Cage lighting

This is another popular industrial interior design lighting trend. It’s called “cage lighting,” and it creates a “cage” around the lightbulb to give the light a more industrial feel.

Open layout for Industrial Interior Design Style

If you’re designing a home industrial design, a warehouse or a factory, you want to create a space that allows you to move around freely and that’s why these homes are open and spacious industrial interior design. Large spaces with expansive floors work best for creating an open layout in your industrial home concept.

Distressed leather

Distressed leather is a popular trend in industrial interiors design. I often see lots of distressed brown leather sofas in industrial living rooms. Moreover, leather is a great material for flooring, walls and even furniture. It’s easy to clean, durable and it can be used in a variety of ways. 

Choose copper cookware

Copper pots and pans will add a warm and rustic vibe to your kitchen, making it feel like a more industrial room design kitchen. They also look beautiful in your kitchen. Plus, they are easy to clean, so it will be a breeze to keep your kitchen looking beautiful. Copper is also a great material for light fixtures and can add a nice industrial feel to your home.

Go vintage

Industrial interior design furniture design often takes inspiration from antique or vintage design. You can also get great deals on antiques and vintage items. However, vintage is not only about the look. Vintage is also about function and it can add a lot of value to your home. Plus, it’s a great way to add character to your home.

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To wrap things up..

In conclusion, industrial design is all about creating a home that feels more raw and industrial. If you’re interested in industrial design and want to create an industrial look for your home, then you can trust 9Creation! You can make a new look to your home without breaking the bank with us!


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