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28 Experts Interior Designers In Singapore 2021 That Will Make Design Wishes Come True

In this article, we will provide you with a list of 10 popular interior designers in Singapore that have been ranked by many people to be the best in the business. The list is compiled from information gathered from online reviews for interior designer and rating sites such as Renodots, Houzz, Google Reviews, and Yelp.

Each designer has been selected for their high-quality work in one or more categories: design style variety, customer service, pricing range.  We hope you enjoy it!

interior design firmHow much does it cost to hire an interior design firm in Singapore?

You want to have a beautiful home. You want visitors to be impressed by what you’ve done with space. But you don’t know where to start or how much it will cost. First of all, when you choose an interior designer, you should outline your expectations. Check these rates to see if the quotations you receive are as reasonable as your designer pretends.


Type of Property

Average Price Range

Single room (bathroom, kitchen) packages




Resale HDB




Landed homes


Small-sized stores (less than 500 sqft)


Medium-sized stores (1000-2000 sqft)



Best Interior Designer in SG

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an office or home that reflects your personality?

The problem is, most of us don’t know how to do design work. This makes the process seem daunting and difficult because we’re not sure where to start or what materials are best for our needs.   Well, take a deep breath because help is on the way!

Interior designers with good credentials with exceptional grades, acceptable prices and keen detail. We were determined to make the list as broad as possible to meet many styles requirements. You don’t feel any worry. we tried.


9 Creation – an interior design company in Singapore and have already developed a strong reputation

9 Creation is a dream fulfilment. A design company that provides a wide range of customers with extremely varied demands. Our approach to each project makes one environment that distils the soul and character of each person. By combining interior design and home decor, we have put our imprint on a modern and comprehensive approach to living.

We are grateful for the chance to face these obstacles to achieve a great result, using our experience in residential & commercial areas. Experienced project management and detailed coordination are vital to the successful design, and careful consideration of functions is required.

At 9 Creation, we understand the science behind design and are equipped with the tools to deliver.

What 9 Creation Services Do We Offer?

We have a wide range of different design services available in Singapore. From work on projects ranging from small jobs to complicated and large-scale ones, we tailor our skillset so that you get the best results possible without breaking your budget.

A Design Company with Expertise Throughout Singapore!

We start by listening carefully to what it is that you need to be done before determining how we can help. Our designers are experts at coming up with creative solutions for any problem or idea no matter if it’s complex or not. The end result will always be something tailored specifically for your needs which means there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a client walk away happy after an engagement project has been completed.

Our services cover a wide range of different rooms within your home or property, including 


Each package is unique and can be tailored to you, ensuring that you have a package that meets your exact needs. If you are unaware of which package is best for you, or if you would like to make an enquiry regarding a particular package you can contact our team at any time throughout the week for more information.

They will be more than happy to provide you, as well as help you to book an initial consultation should you choose a particular package.

Starry Homestead

Starry Homestead, which is a known brand in this competitive market, would have come across more than once for new homeowners looking at the finest interior designers in Singapore. Starry Homestead is a Singapore-style homework designer for his wide portfolio, professionalism and great costomer service with Qanvast SuperTrust 2016-2020, Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2018 and Women Entrepreneurs Awards 2019, along with his CaseTrust and RCMA accreditation.

The homey aesthetic and strong internet presence of Starry Homestead. As an approved CaseTrust and RCMA (BCA and HDB) interior design company, they have a 1-year guarantees and insurance payments on their jobs.



We consistently deliver breathtaking interior design projects whose requirements are matched. What about companies secrets? These consultative discussions provide longer, in-depth insight into what the customer wants out of the building process. The portfolio is designed with an elegant feel. As one explores their earlier work most of them resemble dream homes.  The professional interior designers’ team usually knows their client’s visions and that is why for many years The Weiken Group has always been awarded satisfaction. Weikeen is one of many -running interior design company in Singapore and has a one-stop service company with a diverse team of creative individuals whose main garment to customers is.


Cozy Space

Cozy Space has a particular focus on space plan development design consultation and project management. It does not have a preferred style so clients can ask whatever they wish, eclectic, Scandinavian, modern. It also offers one the most affordable interior designers in the country providing interior design services for less than $50,000. If you’re on a slack budget, choosing a business will be the best option for a perfect interior design. The client is attracted to the ethics of the work environment affordability and open communication.




Artistroom is an award-winning interior design firm that is an expert in modern contemporary industrial design. Its process encompasses all phases of reconstruction from the design through to the construction and provides functional and aesthetic interior space. In addition to its personalized customised services, Artistroom oversaw the renovation itself to get customers to stay focused on what’s they busy with. It’s smaller so you could wait for them to come. Most customer reviews praised Artistroom’s low price, professional but friendly approach and patience. The company ensures it continues working even with a tight schedule and sends regular updates to client requirements.




Voilà operates off of personal indulgence that often surprising clients with stylish and classy vibe possibilities. The company’s high level of support for clients from building and completing the project. The company has been promised 2-year sales guarantees for the products it endorses. It also includes solutions including home automation and project management. With this range of services, you should be aware that they might not be as focused as they should in the management of contractors especially in the case of projects. In the past, the service had been acclaimed due to its balance of professionality and approachability.


Space Atelier PTE LTD

One of the best interior designers in Singapore for those who want an inspiring home or workspace. Space Atelier is a creative practice operating in the industry of interior design. Its environmental and innovative development is centred on residential and commercial projects. Following a comprehensive 9-step process to achieve complete renovation solutions. Space Atelier deliver tailored solutions & craft spaces based on the individual qualities of our client’s individuality in taste, lifestyle and/or company image.

In addition, they work diligently and efficiently to provide for their client’s as soon as possible. Some clients have also expressed concerns for this organization and about his timeliness and speedy appointments. The ‘quality is really very good but there is a price for them to be quite nice. Although their quality is good it is still quite pricey too – Chinese Chay.


Ritz D’Perception

D’Perception Ritz is an award-winning interior design firm that delivers innovative and unique interiors since 2007. It is recognized for the conception and execution of elegant interior design for residential, hospitality and corporate sectors. Since winning several design awards, Ritz D’Perception founded has a strong reputation in interior designing solutions with the wow factor. The work has been done efficiently to a very high standard with the highest quality and responsibility, strong site management, prompt completion of work and amazing support throughout.


Juz Interior

Juz has a showroom and two localities in Singapore so they can view and inspect and assess it’s progress on their requests. The company has over thirty of the best interior designing companies in Singapore. The Interior Company Juz has dedicated itself to enhancing residential properties in Singapore. Whatever your style or your budget is with their team you can trust.

Juz interiors is also the first company to use virtual reality before working. Customers say the company is dedicated to improving the overall interior appearance of home. The quality works presented proved they committed to providing the best service and uncompromised quality.


Millimeters Studio

Millimeter Studios is known for their timeless minimalist and modern design. In order to maintain the highest services it accepts every year a number of projects only. Monochromatic Design services are intended for clients who love elegant formal design. It even sells handcrafted monopots which are great for clients who still want to incorporate greeneries within their minimalist homes. Company has also been praise praised over its accountability. It gives also a deep understanding of each client’ The only drawback is that when working with it you have to book as soon as possible.


Fifth Avenue, professional designers with aesthetic interior design  solutions for your dream home.

Fifth Interior Avenue, a group of youthful, creative and expert designers, examines your ideal house concept and refreshes it into attractive, usable living areas. The Fifth Avenue is a trustworthy source of new ideas that constantly search for artistic solutions that give end-to-end interior design services. We found their intriguing movies for house tours very beneficial, which offer a unique look into their brilliant portfolio.


The Interior lab

Interior Lab is also capable of combining design styles, featuring traditional items and rustic artwork with timeless interior designs for commercial buildings. It is renowned as to regularly update its customers and asks for their thoughts before changing them. The quality of our company may not apply to every interior designer. This assures smooth procedure and excellent project management skills. They have strong partnerships with their clients to enable them to still offer assistance even during the post-novation period. The company caters to virtually anything preference, thanks to the huge and diverse team of interiors designers.


Visual Spaces

Visual Spaces has to experience in incorporating company branding to company offices store interiors cafes restaurants and other office interiors. He promised me to create something that’d otherwise be empty and dull. However, Visual Spaces provides also its services to homeowners. The business also makes marketing strategy services for companies if there is no prior strategic marketing plan. Visual Spaces offers designers and architects dedicated to space-saving design.


Elysian design

The company provides professional consulting and interior design services to residential and commercial clients. Our attention to workmanship designs practical and affordable products ensure that we deliver a high level of satisfaction to our valued customers.


Fuse Concept, for Eclectic design concept

Since 2001, Fuse Concept makes home renovation lovely. What fascinates us is their creative capacity to turn a place full of personality and uniqueness. Driven by their motto “simplicity equals quality,” their interior designers’ ideas are anything from straightforward. You will find delicious, distinctive, functional spaces and outstanding designs inside their collection, which can quickly provoke a wow.


The Scientist, for top interior designers with a stylish, minimalist approach

The Scientist’s projects all share something practical ideas — new and simple esthetics. With its basic yet elegant patterns, we cannot help but be fascinated innovative ideas. The Canberra Crescent and Ferraria Parks are our favourites. Although the colours and the design of both projects differ greatly, the distinct character of the scientist shows through. These are the traits that characterize their Design work in The Scientist’s ‘Analytical, creative, explorative, curious and persistent.’


Mr Shopper Studio

Mr Shopper Studio was set up in 2014 in the quest to create superior aesthetics and super custom-made services for the local Interior Scene in Singapore. Mr Shopper Offer one-stop restructuring services end-to-end. Within the allotted project budget, we possess a highly competent team working together to create, remodel, source, buy, design, and provide you with the ideal house you have always desired!


Charlotte’s Carpentry, who looking for imaginative yet functional spaces

The esthetic design of Charlotte’s Carpentry emphasizes on less is more. Shunfu Road, a whimsical classic touch, and Bukit Batok West Ave 6, a wonderful combination of the contemporary industry. Inspired by their father, James and Wendy, brothers and sisters, set up their own interior design firm to provide clients with a one-stop solution for home remodelling, space planning and design. With more than ten years of expertise in the interior design business, their entire process aim is simple – creating creative, inventive and functional environments.


Habit, Interior design inspiration for dramatic tones

The direction of the design studio of Habit is geared to the current manufacturer, whose tones in The Seawind reveal darker and more dramatic. However, their attitude and abilities are also versatile, as shown by their more whimsical Highlight Residences and Seng Poh Road projects. See their work in The Amery and Levenue if you are looking for the trendy esthetics of Kinfolk. Their uniquely inventive approach and concepts have made their creations a ‘fresh breeze’ among Singapore’s interior designers. Here, read your comments. The Qanvast SuperTrust was given to Habit between 2016 and 2019.


Design 4 Space Pte Ltd

Design 4 The space you’re seeking for may be what you want. The interior designer is proud to offer an interior design which maximizes the functionalities of a particular room. Homeowners and businesspeople may transform even small nooks into production centres by their designs. Design 4 Space has also improved its openness and communication abilities with a longstanding experience since 2002. Design 4 Space also ensures large breathability designs. Finally, all of its designs feature contemporary amenities to ensure the efficiency of your family or workplace.

It even provides four design packages so that customers just have to select one depending on their unique budget and demands. That said, if you just want to renovate a single area within your house, you may find this company restrictive. There are three showrooms across the island, too. Thus, potential customers from Singapore’s north, west and south may select a place to visit.

Sky Creation

Sky Creations specializes in the residential as well commercial sectors. All works are executed using an extremely well-thought-out combination from the presentation of the projects and the ideas of clients. This company also have very good cooperation concerning project timelines and money flows. The company prides itself on being recognized by the industry’s most prestigious bodies in their awards program. It fulfils its commitment to customer satisfaction despite building stronger relationships lasting even after building in the future. The Company does also quote more than the usual, so you just prepare your budget if you decide to contact them. Sky Creation offer an exceptional service with transparent pricing and quality building and furniture finishings.


ARTrend Design

Established in 1985 ARTrend Design has designed over 12,000 spatial identities. The company prides itself on its own carpentry company. You get top experts fabricating metal accessories millwork, painting and electrical wiring to ensure a unique centralized shop experience. The Space Optimization Planning Solution guarantees every inch of space worth the price they charge. The two designers at Artrend are monitoring all the upcoming work to make sure everything goes so it will work. Because the tiny team can take very little part it cannot even manage some projects at a time. It provides update reports to clients at every stage of the renovation. All of this offers a standard range of interior design services.



Good spatial design and planning are our belief in the energy generation of space. Instead of passive spectators, Todzterior think spaces are an active environment, providing people with improved living conditions and experience. TodzTerior is a skilled and innovative design company in Singapore, known for its excellent interior decorating and construction. Todzterior are your home stylist, being more than simply an interior house. The function of space, materials, colour, texture, light and shadow, fittings and even soft furnishings are the innovations. Todzterior are here to guarantee you quality, dependability and expert service before and after.



SHE Interior Design Pte Ltd is a firm called Eugene She & Ryan She’s Meticulous Creation. SHE Interior Design are firmly convinced that design, service and quality are essential to our customers. SHE Interior Design aim in the area of interior design is to provide exceptional design and service. SHEinterior are an expert and pleasant team of designers supported by a group of competent craftsmen who are all engaged in the firm. SHEinterior specializes in interior designs and exterior design, interior design, architectural works and A&A works. 3D Prospective sketch & free design consultation: SHEinterior provide space planning & budgeting



Located in Joo Chiat, the firm has experience in maisonette and loft units, in-house carpentry workshop, commercial units and A&A works. Combining our esthetical expertise, design techniques and custom carpentry abilities in any square foot of area, we pledge to achieve beauty and usefulness.


De Style

De style gives an aesthetic impact as it integrates energy-saving and practical appliances and fittings. With these capabilities, they only guarantee high-quality designs. De style tries to understand and connect to its clients to deliver bespoke resourcing products that are in full alignment with their needs. De Style also provides this. You can not expect to get a good price with all these benefits. This company has focused more on interior design so maybe there’d be a bit less attention than a veteran company could pay. All the designers at De Style adhere to a high standard in their execution, which results in high customer service. Moreover, its company offers plenty of options and room for compromise with clients.



Obbio Concept is a design company located in Singapore that aims to create attractive, practical interiors. The thrust of our design concept is extensive attention to detail and enthusiasm. Our approach is easy: we handle each work from a design viewpoint by knowing and interpreting the client’s requirements and its history and decorating in modern fashion.



EXQsite Interior Design invites you to join us on a journey to transform houses into homes. We create the definition of ideal living from the perspectives of our homeowners. Giving life to houses, illuminating interior design with style.


How we curate the top interior designers in Singapore

We cross-referencing several interior design industry sources to find the below recommendations for you. Accordingly, each identification type was assigned a unique identity based on criteria including the following names not limited by. For larger companies – do note that the actual service received is often dependent on the design of the design which is assigned to you. This publication delivers the best information about best interior designers and renovation services.

The following IDs were picked based on variables, but not limited to the following.

  • Digital presence and information
  • Operations and experience
  • Renovations currently done vs. 3D designs planned
  • Projects mentioned on sites of home reno
  • Reviews Online (on Facebook, Home Reno Sites, and Google)
  • Services additional (warranty, payment schedules)
  • Accreditation Awards and accreditation (CASETrust accreditation, Home Reno Sites Listed or recommended by industry editors
  • Our experience, if any, with them


7 most important things to consider when hiring an interior designer.

Set your budget. Set your budget. First, be sure your budgetary restrictions are clear because this will make your refurbishment project happen or break it down. Make your budget explicit so your designer can only afford designs.

Set your objectives and your visions. After you have selected a budget, the boundaries of your remodeling project will need to be determined. Think if you want full-scale renovations or simply refurbishing and painting of furniture.

Investigate probable preferences in styles. You may pick from several styles, from modern to rustic themes in the mid-century.

Please list the problems. You might ask your designer to complete a redevelopment of the corner or to add practical objects in a lobby. Make sure you ask for it early.

Remember your regimen every day. Interior design, because it is about the purpose, is more than cosmetic. Learn about your busy hubs and least utilized places in your home in order for your designer to develop a daily flow based design.

Identify norms and processes for decision-making. If you renew a partner or have another family member to manage the funds, you must know who has the final word on renewal.

Prepare your demands for special applications. You must show your designer if you have any furniture or accessory that you would want to showcase, so that they may be included into the design overall.

How to find top-rated interior designers in Singapore

Designing your dream home is no easy task, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. There are plenty of top interior designers in Singapore who can help you get the design details right and make sure that every last detail is perfect. Whether you need someone for a kitchen renovation or for all-new construction, these 3 fundamentals things you need to check before hiring..:

recommended interior design singaporeGreat reviews across various platforms

Starry Homestead and Space Atelier are renowned for their refined aesthetic. They offer 2-year warranties with renovation-related repairs. Juz Interior is able provide complete and unbiased transparency for its clients. Their expertise ranges within specialised designs from concept drawing through to project planning a wide variety of interior decoration services to in house carpentry. Virtual Reality home Tours allows me to better preview my future home above 3D perspective drawings. I can now see my future living space in 360 degrees. They also have a blog supplying valuable questions pertaining to their renovation.


The beautiful yet practical design philosophy

Starry Homestead adds to their design philosophy personalities style and functionality. Their design philosophy develops with the idea that aesthetics and the design of spaces are fundamentally an extension of themselves. Do we get the outcome? Absolutely beautiful, chic personalized rooms with a homely feel and representing true clients’personalities. Please check out their impressive ec portfolio for HDBs and condos, as well as land. Should you wish to search by theme find their various theme for interior design here.


Award-winning interior design firm with an extensive and beautiful portfolio

Starry Homestead makes our Singaporean list for its extensive portfolio in interior design for its professional nature and outstanding customer service. Winner of Qanvast Supertrust 2016–2020 Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2018, Female Entrepreneur Awards 2019. As a BCA and HDB registered contractor interior design firm Case Trust go the extra mile offering homeowners a 1-year guarantee on their installations as well as a. We like that they posted photos of their actual renovation works to evaluate each with their 3D designs. These pictures look very similar for proof of their quality assurance.


If you are looking for a top-notch designer to help make your design wishes come true, then look no further. Our list of 28 qualified experts will give you peace of mind knowing that they have the right qualifications and experience in upholstery, flooring, lighting fixtures and more.

You can find everything from traditional living room designs to modern loft style layouts on our list. We hope we’ve helped point you in the right direction!