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How to save money on your HDB interior renovation Singapore

Is your HDB in need of a renovation in Singapore? If you are considering renovating the interior of your HDB, then you’ll need to plan ahead and make some decisions on what changes you want. It’s important to know that renovations don’t come cheap – but there are ways to save money when renovating Interior in an HDB.

What is HDB

HDB is short for Housing and Development Board, which is a government agency that manages public housing in Singapore. The HDB builds rental apartment buildings and sells them to tenants. It is one of the main ways that Singaporeans are usually able to afford to own their own homes.

The HDB aims to provide an affordable home for Singaporean families, and also wants to ensure that every family has a decent place to live. The HDB provides housing solutions for people from all walks of life and works with different financial institutions so families can have access to some form of financing, even if they do not earn very much money.

What is the difference between Rental flats and Own your own flats?

Rental apartments in Singapore are called flats because many were originally built by the government agency Housing & Development Board (HDB) on land leased from private landowners. Flats are offered for rent by Housing & Development Board (HDB).

The costs of renovating an HDB in Singapore

The cost of renovating an HDB in Singapore can be quite high. It is important to keep in mind that the price of HDB Interior renovation Singapore is not just the cost of materials but also includes other factors such as labor and fees for permits and government taxes.

Unless you are planning to do the renovation work by yourself, you will also have to factor in the cost of hiring professionals to do the job. This is not a small amount at all and might end up costing more than other types of home renovation projects.

But if you are planning to sell the HDB later, then it might be a good idea to do it. It will increase your HDB’s value because of its aesthetics and comfort, which in turn could help you save money when selling.

If you want to save money on your renovations, there are certain things you need to do:


Interior Designer Advice: How to save money on your HDB Interior renovation Singapore

The first and most obvious step to saving money on your HDB Interior renovation in Singapore is to review the cost of the renovation. This might sound elementary, but many people can start with an idea of what they are looking for in terms of design and then have a second thought about how much it will really cost them to achieve their desired end result. This is important, as it will determine how you choose to decorate and furnish your home.

The second thing that can help save you money on your HDB Interior renovation Singapore is if you decide to do the work yourself or at least be a part of the process. For example, when doing flooring works, it is best if you hire a professional to lay down the wood flooring instead of trying to measure every plank yourself. The most expensive element in any house is labour, thus, hiring professionals will greatly reduce your costs! Click here for floor tile installation Singapore tips  for saving money

 Thirdly, don’t think that just because something has been used before or sold cheaply by the previous owner. This is a great way to just add more money to your renovation costs because you will have to spend even more on repairs. In the long run, if you buy something that is cheap and flimsy, it can fail and require repairs after a short amount of time, which will increase your overall renovation costs!

A fourth thing that you can do to help cut down on costs when doing interior renovation in Singapore is sure to shop around for the best deals for furniture and fixtures along with finding ways to recycle existing materials into new ones. The first two tips above about saving money are about getting professional help; thus, this tip goes hand in hand with those ideas. Making use of items that are already owned or purchased cheaply helps to bring the cost of renovating down. It also helps to add value to your dream home!

If you are planning on doing interior renovation in Singapore, it’s best if you pay special attention to all aspects of the design and layout of the space that you plan to renovate. This will help determine how much money needs to be spent overall on materials and labour. The more time you spend planning out what is needed for the job, the less likely it is that unexpected expenses will come up. 

Replace old furniture with used items. If you have some furniture that is in good shape and not too old, it can be quite a savings to just replace the damaged or worn material on them. This is especially helpful if there are only small defects, such as scratches and worn out buttons. For used items that need more work than this, consider looking for factory liquidation companies because they are often able to provide the kind of discount you will be happy with.

Purchase previously owned appliances. When buying new appliances for your HDB renovation Singapore, you could save money by purchasing previously owned units instead of brand new ones, but check first to make sure they match up well with all current standards. You wouldn’t want to end up spending extra money later on in repairs!

Re-use existing furniture and decorations to make them new again. If you have any furniture or decorations you are no longer using, look for ways to reuse them instead of trashing them. A little paint and some new material can give a whole new look to older items and also be practical ideas.

Re-consider your choice of materials based on quality versus cost. Some materials might be cheaper at first, but they may not last as long as others which end up costing more in the long run. For example, laminate floorings are usually lower than hardwood floors because the latter is sturdier and lasts much longer even with everyday use.

Include friends and family in your HDB renovation Singapore project. Everyone has something! Although it may need a bit of cleaning or fixing up — gifts from people you love can add.

Ask 9 Creation for Help. We are dedicated to delivering fresh concepts and practical ideas to fit any individual or business preference, while simultaneously working on your budget and schedule to push for the best outcome.

Finally, don’t forget about tax breaks as a means of saving money when doing interior renovation Singapore! Many homeowners have saved themselves significant amounts of cash because they took into consideration various tax benefits offered by both local and federal governments.

Do the work yourself or use trusted alternatives for construction materials!

If you have the time and expertise to do the work yourself, use the money you save to buy more expensive materials. If your HDB’s interior has some cracks in it, try going for a reasonable option that will still look good.

For example, instead of using stone cladding for a fireplace or grill, use glass. Finally, avoid upgrading everything at once—try individual changes that will show an immediate difference while giving you time to save up for other updates.


Why do you need an interior design firm expert for interior renovation in Singapore

Do you want to renovate your HDB Interior? If so, there are many things that should be considered. One of the most important is hiring a professional who will do all the work for you. Here are some reasons why it’s worth doing this:


Save money by engaging an interior design expert. If you have tried remodeling your HDB and not been successful, find an expert interior designer. Interior design experts in Singapore offer a vast range of services. They are able to help you choose colors, materials, floors, lighting and even fixtures. In today’s world, interior designers can work hand-in-hand with architects or contractors to ensure that the final product meets their shared vision. The cost of hiring an expert in the design field is usually worth it because they are able to save you money by coordinating with other professionals on all aspects of the project.


Experience great ROI from high-quality work. If you’re looking for an interior designer, make sure to hire a luxury interior design company. Generally, the more experienced they are in their field and the reputation they have, the higher the cost will be. That’s not to say that it’s not worth it – if you need high-quality work done, you’re going to have to pay for it! Rest assured that these designers spend a lot of time doing due diligence on every project they take on so your investment is well spent.


Go with a professional who knows the latest trends. Finding a professional who is up to date on the latest trends and designs is essential. If you’re not sure where to find them, look through previous work they have done with other clients. There should be images and contact information available online if you do a quick search.


Get help designing and executing your vision. When you design your own dream home renovation, it might take you a long time to implement the project. And sometimes things do not go according to plan. There are many risks involved with designing and executing your own plan for an HDB renovation Singapore. Get help from professionals who know what they’re doing and let them help you achieve the dream of your perfect dream home!


Reduce stress in managing renovation projects. Reducing the stress and worries in renovations singapore is a good idea. This can be done by making sure to plan well before getting started. You should list your priorities first and then work backwards from there. Prioritizing will help you focus on what is important and will leave out what is not such as unnecessary items that take up space in your HDB.

Interior Designers Services

HDBs are great, but they’re not without their problems. Especially the Interior design. Luckily you don’t have to be a designer to renovate it. We can handle everything for you – from the floor plan down to selecting paint and furniture. And we’ll do it at a fraction of the cost too!

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