Kitchen Design Services

Kitchen & Toilet RenovationAt 9 Creation, we provide all of our clients with a specially tailored kitchen and toilet renovation package in Singapore. This package is designed to have your kitchen and toilets looking truly amazing, with a wide range of bespoke designs for you to choose from. Our designs can be specially tailored to the other rooms within your home, ensuring that the design brings character whilst also fitting in with any other designs that you may have.

Kitchen and Toilet Renovation Package Singapore

Our kitchen design in Singapore is designed to be both practical and glamorous at the same time, after all, there is no point in having a beautiful looking kitchen if it is difficult to use. We make use of the best materials possible in each design, ensuring that they can be cleaned easily and are also resistant to heat. This allows them to withstand the high temperatures that are commonly found within the kitchen and ensures that your kitchen can be cleaned with ease. We always ensure that the materials that we use are well within your budget range, ensuring that your project is completed without any extra or hidden costs. By doing this, we can provide you with a fantastic result that doesn’t cause you any financial stress.

What Does The Package Include?

Our kitchen and toilet renovation package includes a complete redesigning of both your kitchen and toilet. We start from the very foundation and build the design up from there. This begins with the design of your flooring and walls. In general, we make use of modern designs in the kitchen, due to their practicality, as well as their bespoke, clean look and feel. Our most popular requests include a blend of whites and darks to create a fantastic looking kitchen. The flooring is always picked for its practicality and will be resistant to heat and easy to wipe should you spill anything on the floor. Kitchen Design SingaporeOnce we have agreed on the design for your flooring and walls, we can begin discussing the different cupboards, fridges and ovens that you would like within the kitchen. We will work closely with you, ensuring that you have an input into what we choose. Additionally, we can complete the whole design for you if you are unsure about which design you prefer. Our team will then renovate your kitchen for you, ensuring that we stick to the agreed guidelines and specifications. This is the same process for your toilet, in which we can include new modern features such as underfloor heating and innovative shower caps.

Once we have completed with the job, we will check up on you after two weeks to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the work. Should you like us to make any minor changes, our team will be happy to do so. In general, our clients are always extremely satisfied with the jobs that we complete and we are sure you will be too! Contact us now and book your renovation package with us!

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovation in Singapore is commonly practiced here, whereby the whole kitchen is being reconstruct and redesigned into a brand new look, without that boring and old look. Our experienced Interior Designers will propose how a kitchen renovation can take place and advise on which part of the wall can be demolished as to create a wide-open space also commonly known as “open concept kitchen” in Singapore. Drop us a message if you are looking to do kitchen renovation and our team will be glad to walk you through the whole process and provide you with the design and concepts.