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Kitchen Cabinet Design Idea For HDB Flat In Singapore

Home design is a popular topic in the Singaporean blogosphere. This article talks about how you can make your kitchen more functional, while also improving its aesthetic appeal. We also talk about what type of materials you should use for your cabinets and why, and which brands are worth investing in. If you live in an HDB flat, this guide will show you some ways to spruce up your kitchen cabinet design without breaking the bank!

HDB Kitchen Cabinet Design in Singapore

Your new home is a blank canvas. You can paint it, curl your hair in the mirror and walk around naked if you want to! It’s yours for now anyway. But what about when people come over? They’ll see all of that, they might find their way into rooms you don’t even use because they’re too lazy or forgetful to check doors with signs on them (you know who I’m talking about).

When planning a hdb kitchen design in Singapore, cabinet design should be one of the most important choices as cabinetry usually makes up the biggest investment – making sure that your cabinets are well designed will really make or break how enjoyable cooking becomes at home; especially if there isn’t enough space! If mistakes are made, you may find yourself running into a lot of trouble with things like countertop space.

We want to make sure that your kitchen is functional and beautiful so we’re going to give you some ideas on what kind of cabinets to use for your hdb kitchen design in Singapore! We’ll also tell you about the benefits and drawbacks of using each type of material.

Chippendale Cabinets

The built-in bar cabinetry has a great historic flavor thanks to antique glass and chippendale fretwork. Cabinetry in stained mahogany is accented with flaming orange trim and gold leaf ceiling paper. Visual Comfort & Co pendant lights, Adelphi Paper Hanging backsplash

Mid Century-Inspired Cabinets

Local craftspeople were commissioned to produce cabinetry in the style of mid-century woodworkers by the designer. Juno limestone counters, which also serve as the backsplash, are installed atop a custom-colored center island.


Seamless Cabinetry

This room in this Singapore apartment united the kitchen and adjacent family room by lacquering the former’s cupboards and the latter’s walls in the same rich ocean shade. For a pearl finish on a similar paint hue. Fabric is used to cover the kitchen stools. For a small kitchen, this is a cabinet design.

Organized Cabinets

The drawers in sallick’s kitchen are lined with dividers on the diagonal (to accommodate larger items) that ensure that all of their tools stay organized and within easy reach.

406A Northshore Drive

Drawer Cabinets

The white-painted cabinetry is a serene base for the rest of this kitchen. The drawers are unadorned and simple, with no visible hardware to detract from the clean lines or add unnecessary flair. Dark beams interlocking with floor tiles provide just enough rustic warmth that contrasts nicely against all of those whites!

Mixed-Finish Cabinets

The kitchen is luxurious in every way, from the marble walls to the oil portraits and brass accents.

The dark wood finish on the double island helps it stand out from the white perimeter cabinets, making entertaining a breeze. Vertical storage is provided by a pair of corner cabinets with metal mesh, which echo the other brass features throughout the space.

Resale HDB renovation packageContemporary Cabinets

The sleek, contemporary aesthetic starts with the cabinets, which are made of black melamine wood and built with a full overlay, which means only the doors and no cabinet frame are visible.

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