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Kitchen Designs That You’ll Surely Love


Are you looking for Home renovation Singapore? Is it mainly the kitchen design that you want the most help with? Well, this is not a problem. You can find the multiple kitchen design Singapore online to provide you with the basic idea of moving further.

This article will discuss a few prominent designs. You can choose the one you like the best and make it a part of your home in Home renovation Singapore.

Timeless Modern Design:

If you do not want to renovate your Kitchen design Singapore often, you should choose this design. This design is a timeless option that comes with a blend of the water’s blue color and the sky with neutral white touch.

The sophisticated and youthful look of your kitchen will keep everyone in awe. The use of multiple materials, including the tiles, stainless steel, and wood. So, you’ll get a good mixture of raw materials as well.

Black and White:

Another prominent that you can use as a Kitchen design Singapore is Black and White. Whether it is the wall or your cabinets, you’ll see a beautiful combination of black and white all around you, making a classy and sophisticated outlook.

Although all of the cabinets and other details have to be adjusted in your space, generally, you can expect several cabinets as part of this design. You can even expect a bit of customization in this design, especially when it comes to the use of black and white colors.

If you have limited space, going for more white will help in creating a broad outlook. Similarly, you can use black color to reduce the comprehensive overall look of your kitchen area.

Peranakan Outlook:

Peranakan tiles are never going to get old which you can create a lovely kitchen outlook with these tiles. Multiple colors or patterned tile on one wall with the same shade of shelf top would make a perfect outlook for your kitchen. When combined with white walls and cabinets, your kitchen would be an ideal example of beauty and sophistication,

Using a French door as the kitchen entrance can allow you to have sunrays flooding your kitchen in the daytime for bringing in natural beauty.

Simple Outlook:

If you are not a fan of the fancy outlook and bold colors, then using simple white in your home renovation in Singapore can also be an option. However, using only white color should not make you think that you are missing something or aren’t using the renovation’s right colors.

The white-colored kitchen with proper design can also make your kitchen special, as any other color would do. So, if you like white, this should be your color.

European cottage Style Kitchen:

If you have been a fan of the European Cottage Style Kitchen, then you can get one in your own home. Mostly, these kitchen designs are warm and cozy. You can choose any color combination to create this kitchen style. But we would recommend that at least one of them be white because it will give the necessary space in the outlook.

This kitchen has one shelf for cooking and dining, so you can even expect it to fit in if you have limited space in your home.

Wet and Dry kitchen:

This kitchen’s setting suits the situation when you have ample space. In this design, two separate kitchen areas are established. One room is reserved for proper meal cooking requiring extensive effort and preparation, whereas the other is reserved for light meal preparation. The purpose of this double look is to maintain a neat kitchen every time without having an intensive cleaning drill for this purpose.

Kitchen Design and RenovationSumming up:

If you are looking for house renovation Singapore or renovation kitchen for the best kitchen design Singapore that you can use in your home, you n get inspiration from the above-mentioned designs. Either share these concepts with your renovation company or hire someone special to help you build your particular kitchen. You might want to try it on your own if you think you can handle it. But be sure about what you are doing.