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Modern Traditional Living Room

What is ‘Modern Traditional’ you may ask? While it may sound like a bit of a contradiction, it’s a little bit traditional (obviously), a little bit rustic, with a hint of modern, and infused with an heirloom and handmade look.

The style takes its elementary cues from the traditional farmhouse style but has shaker-inspired elements mixed in, humble finishes, and it is all done with a slightly modern twist. It feels welcoming, open, carefully curated and warm. Confused yet? Well, let’s take a look at some inspiring spaces that are infused with this ‘Modern Traditional’ living room to give you a better idea of the key elements that make up this style that we love so much


Modern Traditional evokes a sense of gathering and family in a very casual, unfussy way. So instead of formal living rooms with finely detailed paneling like you might find in Modern Victorian, this style will have a large well-loved table in the living room that everyone can gather around.

The table could be painted, stained or unfinished but the finish will always have some age and patina to it to make it look like it’s been passed down from generation to generation (bonus points if you use a table that actually has been). The familial aspect rings strong and true in this style as it has a slightly Quaker, Shaker and Americana feel to it, although it does pull pieces from English and French Country as well. The small details like the peg and groove woodworking that you see on the table below or above are key to this style as everything should feel slightly handmade.


The details in this style are very quiet, quaint and subtle, and will often have a utilitarian lean to them. Think shaker peg rails like you see above and below as well as the very simple baseboards that don’t draw too much attention to themselves. Neve forget the power of a simple but tall baseboard.


If you are a maximalist or love layering things to create a vignette, then the Modern Traditional aesthetic might not be for you. This style embodies the ‘less is more’ concept and rather than having multiple items styled together to form a vignette, instead it will use a single item to create a simple yet impactful styling moment. Pieces are all used for function vs just having decorative accessories splayed around the room like in other more ornate styles.

A small single chair on a wall, or a simple row of pots is all the styling that these spaces need (the materials on the floors, ceilings etc. usually do all the talking). And the pieces that are used for styling will always feel homespun. Nothing too modern, mid-century.



Rather than loading the walls up with art, this style leans more simple in its curation of art. You will often see bare walls, or maybe one simple art piece leaning against or on the wall. No need to overcrowd things with multiple pieces, a gallery wall or an over scale piece. One simple and quiet piece is often plenty. It’s about treating the eye a little – keeping things restful with a little visual goodie thrown in for good measure. Walls and floors don’t need to be pristinely painted either – in fact, a little wear-and-tear is welcomed.


Modern Victorian was all about the ornate and decorative paneling whereas this style is filled with woodwork but in a much more rustic and simple way. The style lends itself to small cottages, rustic farmhouses and older homes so you won’t find anything that is too elaborate or showy. Instead, it could be a simple shiplap, board and batton or horizontal and vertical paneling. The wider planks feel a touch more modern.

Copy of exqsiteAt this point, we are sure you have some questions on the trend, but first off, are you into this trend? Do you love it? If you need some help to about small modern traditional living room ideas on a budget, don’t hesitate to contact 9Creation, as an interior design firm, 9Creation approach to each project renders one of a kind spaces, which distil essence and spirit of the individual.


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