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6 Colours Ideas to Paint the Living Room to Renew Your Space

Would you love to refresh your living room, but don’t know where to begin? Are you looking for the best living room paint colours?

Painting the living room is an excellent way to freshen up the whole room. But when it comes to painting, most people tend to either go for the most obvious choice (white), or they try to make their own unique choice, and their walls colour makes the living room looks unpleasant.

If you do a little bit of research, you will find that most people end up with either a white background or dark brown background and nothing else. And this leads to the room being a bit too dark or having a dull wall, and the room looking somewhat bland.

In this article, I’m going to give you 6 different walls colour ideas to paint the living room, without spending a fortune. So you will be able to breathe new life into your living room.

So if you are tired of seeing the same boring living room, and if you want to spice it up a bit with wall painting ideas for living room, then read on…

Wonderful Coral

Coral is perfect if you like fresh wall colour. Many people are too afraid of bright and bold walls colour because they are too intimidating. But, coral is actually a cheerful, vibrant, and playful colour that will change the mood of your living room. If you’re still not confident about it, you can try a single statement wall in coral to create a focal point and establish a cohesive colour palette. Using coral to paint your living room will raise the area to a new level with a trendy shade.


Bright Light Grey

If you like neutral colours but are bored with white, you can try light grey because, in fact, light grey can be considered the perfect neutral and the best light paint colors for the living room. It’s a timeless colour that makes your living room light and airy, especially if you have a small living room. It also adds depth and warmth to the space to keep the room looking cosy and inviting. And, due to its neutral undertones, it pairs well with a wide variety of hues.


Perfect Purple

Light purple, plum, lilac, and lavender, they are the perfect purple to renew your living space. It’s often associated with royalty, power, and ambition. Painting your living room with purple will give positive vibes to the mind and body. It makes you feel energised in the morning, so you can start your day vigorously, and feel calm in the evening. Purple also creates a bold, rich, luxurious, creative, and intriguing mood to your space, making its ability to serve as a good paint walls colour undoubted.

Best Blue

What do you feel when you see the sea or the sky? It’s evocative, moody, calming, fresh, and energising. Those are the vibes you will get when you paint your living room blue. Blue living rooms are on trend right now because many people are craving freshness and optimism from blue tones. It also pairs beautifully with other colours, including wood tones and metallics. So, if you seek freshness, calming, and optimism in your living room, blue is an ideal choice to fulfill your desire.


Joyful Yellow

When people are thinking about painting their living room, yellow never comes first. It —may— always be the very last option due to its boldness (we’ve told you that people are too afraid of bold colours). Yellow is indeed bold, but with the right manners, it surely will give your living room a cheerful and uplifting mood. With many different yellow tones, —marigold, mustard, lemon, gold, buttercream— its beauty can transform your dull area into a bright and sunny space that has a huge impact on the vibe of the room.

Go with Green

Green undoubtedly is always associated with the beauty of nature. So, if you’re a big fan of nature, green is a perfect choice for your walls colour. With the right shade and setting, you can turn your living space into a serene sanctuary you’re always to be in. It’s a lovely walls colour that will give a soft, tranquil, and refreshing mood to your living area. Green goes well with everything and its ability to bring life to your living room also promotes a feeling of wellness and vigour.

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